This is a real Airbus A320 CAT III autoland approach and landing at Vienna, runway 29. Automatic rollout, autobrake system engaged in mode low.
Weather: RVR 600m, cloudbase around 200 feet. Lowest minimum is 75m RVR (runway visual range) which translates to approximately 30-40meters visibility and decision height ZERO, which means You decide after mainwheel touchdown by seeing one or two centerline lights if you are going to land. Quick decision recommended.

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  1. How's the flaring? Does the plane land better in automatic mode than manually controlled? And I wonder during crosswinds, does it also correct itself to align before & after landing?

  2. 50ft corresponds to CAT IIIa, IIIb is (in our company, with our airplanes) as low as NO (=0) decision height. So you can assume, that in case of go-around the airplane may and will touch down but this is perfectly acceptable – the landing gear is down and locked. By the way-the thrust is not at idle when you are established in landing configuration, so there is virtually no delay during spin-up. This would be a factor during flare with engines reduced to (approach) idle.

  3. Yes, takeover with NO DH means that there is sufficient visual clues available and the aircraft may already be on ground. Technically there is no need for any visibility, but the "weak" element in this chain is the human..Still love to be on control. 😉

  4. Despite Cat IIIb the pilot still needs to take over in case anything does go wrong. However, since those early days of that 'oh la la' moment from Airbus, modern avionics have come on a long way. Look forward to seeing a reliable and commonly used Cat IV – Taxiing control.

  5. Wauw, I am very impressed. I used to fly gliderplanes and sometimes I would go through some low clouds (200 mtrs) before landing and I was very scared because I had no visibilaty but this is amazing.

  6. hats off to all the brilliant minds that made landings with this visibility possible.
    and hats off to the pilots who blindly trust their lives and the passengers lives to a computer.
    really nice video

  7. Nicht nur Airbus und Boeing, es gibt auch andere Hersteller. Für einen "Autoland" müssen jedoch einige Vorbedingungen erfüllt sein auf Seiten des Flughafens, der Crew und des Flugzeugs (technische und operationelle).

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