Airbus A320 – BEYOND
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“Dream it – Believe it – Achieve it”

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End footage all in 4K. Scaled down to 1080p for youtube.

Safety is and always will be the number one priority in aviation thus all precautions where taken during planning and filming each and every event during flight or on the ground using professional equipment and safety clamps.

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Disclaimer: This is not a commercial for, or paid by for, or as an endorsement for anything mentioned as equipment.

Equipment used:
Airbus A320-214(WL) CFM56-B
Airbus A320-232 IAE V2500
GoPro4 Black 4K
Sony X1000V 4K
DSLR Canon 5D Mk3 EF-S 10-22mm USM
Canon Powershot SX720HS
Heavy duty suction cups : Woods Power Grip Vacuum Suction Cups.

Music production
Copyright 2016 ©MF

Thanks to a brilliant composer Elijah Hanford for this epic masterpiece.

Composer : Elijah Hanford
Song : Asaryn
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For Further info about his work and usage policy, please contact the composer directly.


  1. FOR MOTHER DONT LET DAWN THE CHILDRENS THE NOW STORY .Ŕespect the young Generation global future Development Aviation Skill PILOTS..

  2. Impressive ! Thank you so much taking us so high in sharing your professionnal happiness 😉
    How did you managed to avoid the "distances compressed" impression cockpit frontsight videos usually have ? We really feel the landing and that tip would be more than precious for leisure pilots community ?

    Have a great next flight

  3. Waohw beautiful video which is a motivation for me. I would like to become a pilot later and I know it takes a lot of work and watch your videos reminded me why I am here so greetings from LFPO

  4. Great work. And, do not listen when the system calls you a retard, you're a human being who deserves respect ! Bloody artificial intelligence thinks they're better than us … pfft

  5. incredible video!!!
    My son is so interested as to what i do also beeing an Airbus pillot, A319, A320, A321's but i just dont know how to film it like you do!
    would you be able to tell me what you use and where you attach it in the cockpit because I have tried using a gopro suction cup on to the light but it fell on my head when we were taxiing.
    I especially like the First person view shot when you could see the view and what you were doing inside.

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