Step inside the cockpit of this A320 and watch a landing into Kiev with a bird smashing on the copilot’s windshield shortly before the 50ft callout! Enjoy a spectacular pilot’s view landing as we approach and land on runway 08 at UKKK.

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  1. Good thing the bird didn't get your CFM/IAE engines. Good thing it's final app, not TO. B/S on TO's are kinda difficult to deal with.

  2. I had a bird strike while on short final on the very first landing I made in a Cherokee 140 as a student pilot. The bird flew through the propeller and struck the engine cowling with a large thwump. I completed the landing, we shut down on the runway to check and there was some blood on the engine cowling.

  3. somewhere in bird land there is an episode "Seconds From Disaster: The Kiev Air Collision" following our feathered friend's final moments before the disastrous plane strike took his short, but productive life. RIP

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