Airbus A320 from GB Airways landing Runway 27 in GIB Gibraltar LXGB. This vid shot from the flight deck.


  1. The winds at Gibraltar Airport are very unpredictable, I've studied these charts carefully and no pilot gets the same approach twice. Another factor is the pilots have so many 'No Fly Zones' in LXGB airspace so they have a lot of factors to consider.

  2. Just once it would be nice to find an Airbus video where every other comment isn't some reference to how rib snappingly hilarious it is that the "plane says retard" ….oh tee hee hee!!

  3. Retard is an autocallout from the radio altimeter as a reminder to retard the thrust levers. Its kind of a stupid call – i think a pilot will know when to bring the thrust to idle when intending to land. However Airbus sell planes to countries that don't train very capable pilots. 😉

  4. @youairhead999 Also the 'retard' call out doesn't sound if the thrust has already been set to idle prior to this point. However, it is the GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System) that controls these call outs, as oppose to the FMS.

  5. "RETARD" is an automatic call-out generated by the flight managment system, When the aircraft detects that it is in the"landing Mode" and that the aircraft height is less than 30 feet and the flaps are out and the gear is down. The computer decides that this would be a good time to remind the pilot that "Retarding " the thrust levers would be a good idea.

  6. Hi pilots tend to use the "bird" (FPV flight path vector) only once visual with the flight directors off . The bird as it is referred to makes setting a three degree profile. Alternatively distance to go multiplied by 3 plus airfield elevation and rate of descent is another way. The Track line on the ND (Nav display) allows easy compensation for changing wind which is particularly useful in GIB which has some unusual wind anomalies. Try google images for flight path vector. Hope this helps.

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