I had the privilege to observe some of the Pre Departure Procedures that must be completed on board an Airbus A320. Some of these procedures include IRS Alignment and Route Insertion.


  1. I don't like how they have that shit little joy-stick at the side, yoke's at the front are 10 times better

  2. Great video. Cool you got to go up in the cockpit. Wish I could turn my Cherokee I soloed in into this. Would be a ball to fly. Hope to see more videos like this. Really cool.

  3. I have asked to step into the cockpit after landing and they let me. But, how did you go about getting in there while they were preparing for departure? Did you board the aircraft early?

  4. That is some cool stuff! Amazing how the new avionics make flying so much easier. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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