FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL, IF YOU WANT TO SOLVE A CRIME; THEN REMEMBER THE NWO AGENDA, AND YOU`LL KNOW, WHO DID IT. And all the time they come up with some suicide pilot theories just like the 911 suicide pilots.


  1. Air Canada Airbus A320-211 CRASH in Halifax Robert L Stanfield Int (YHZ / CYHZ
    In Canada Nova Scotia, on March 29, 2015
    NEWS…Look For< Air Canada Flight 624

  2. Dr. Sean Hross, the occult numbers also appear in the Germanwings crash. One thing that caught my eye is the spiridon logo from the marathon running photo of the co pilot which he has participated. The logo shows many runners putted together and once of the runner has goat like legs and shows above so below sign.

  3. Nice Peace in the Puzzle,looks Airbus has Trouble with the Computersystem or somethimk like that.The Hudson River Pilot was a good Guy,Nice Work.When you can Blame it on the Pilot the airline or the manufacturer has not to Pay compensation for a Technic Problem or eather the airline for not happend service checks.It is will be not the first Time,i think.

    KenFM am Telefon: Peter Haisenko zum Absturz von Germanwings 4U9525

  4. 11:55  You say "this particular plane and it's crashes…."   It's not that particular plane only. It's ALL glass cockpit fly by wire aircraft ( with the exception of a couple International carriers that know about and therefore refuses this technology)  that can be 'hijacked' from ground control and remotely flown taking all control away from the clueless pilots.  Good job on the video, tho, you are just missing a couple things .We ALL need to understand this technology and understand that it is being used  and  the pilots are being unjustly blamed!
         Field McConnell, of ABEL, is the fighter pilot and commercial airline pilot who filed the 2007 lawsuit against Boeing and AirLine Pilot's Association once he found out about the illegal modifications to  Boeing aircraft.  He has been fighting this fight ever since and will not stop till all those being complacent and keeping this technology under wraps are exposed!  This is the 13th crash  that led to all innocent souls on board lost in a manner consistent with the deployment of the Boeing Uninterruptible AutoPilot.  And the pilots of those airliners have  all had their good name and reputations  wrongly smeared and forever tarnished, too. This has GOT TO STOP!  
      Come to Abel Danger to learn about this technology, and a whole lot more, and support these men who, because of their integrity and altruism, will not stop speaking the truth, despite the danger they face for their knowledge.
       Thanks again for the  very informative video, chatzefratz.  We all must keep learning and spreading the truth!! 


  6. Hei, what happened to your new vid today? James Bond….007? I was notified of the upload but when I clicked on it, it said you have taken it down. It happened within an hour of notification. Much love… 

  7. Nice perspective on things, but we still don't know why the plane crashed. I don't believe this is about corporate interests or Boeing versus Airbus or something.

    The depression scenario is obviously ridiculous, the same thing the sheep bought about Robin Williams. One moment Robin Williams is the funniest man alive (I never thought so), bringing everyone joy and laughter, and next the sheep will BELIEVE AT THE SAME TIME he was sufficiently depressed to hang himself from a doorknob… How absurd!!

    It's very easy to simply fake a medical record and tell us someone was depressed once he's gone, obviously…

    This case like all these mediatic cases clearly has this usual pattern of disinformation, hype and weirdness surrounding it, thus we can easily know that it involves a cover up. You can just sense it.

    It seems to me that while such a crash may have all kinds of purposes, for instance equally simply terrorizing people of flying, reducing their mobility, there is also always a SPECIFIC reason, and these things are of course well-prepared.

    Of interest would be to know who exactly was on that plane for one thing…

    While I don't think the pilot was depressed, we have to take into account that he could be MIND-CONTROLLED, in an MK Ultra kind of way…
    To be honest, he looked a bit strange to me, young, discreet, small, mysterious…

    What if he was programmed to crash the plane?

  8. If he is going to take out himself and  150 passengers , why wouldn't he think about taking out Zurich , The Vatican , or any other large city ,or  Dam 
     . There Are No Atheist in a Fox Hole or Plane Crash , You Can Bet Your Boots They Were All Praying to GOD

  9. Hey Sean, I`m not religious- but of course I believe in God ( one has to be blind not seeing there has to be a Creator)… and people who believe in Him don`t just sit back and pray and think God will do everything for them. …dig deeper …and thanks for your work 🙂

  10. they most likely have back doors in all planes just like they have them in your computers, when a plane crashes especially somewhere like switzerland, it has to be a conspiracy.

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