Supreme hobbies Airbus A320 modified with a new livery : easyJet

3s 2200 mAh 30C

GAM Yverdon


  1. Hi,

    I had a same item as you, a rc a320 from supreme hobbies,
    My a320 still is a airbus logo,
    So may i know how did you make the airline decals?
    Am i possible to buy it or order it from someone? 
    I prefer a emirates airline a330 decals use to my a320,
    I saw your comment said can buy from windrider,
    but I just can found the bowing decals
    so,do the bowing 737 decals is fit to a320 too?
    do you have any suggest?

    best regards

  2. You say you bought it on PW how exactly was your experience on that website? Because I've had some very bad shipping and quality experiences with other sites. Also did you make the decals yourself or did you have a site make them because I'm planning to order my A320 and convert it to Delta livery. Thanks for posting the video and good luck with your bird it looks great so far!

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