This week Pranas Drulis and Andrejs Apsitis, ATPL Integrated students at Baltic Aviation Academy, demonstrated how to perform a rejected take-off due to an engine fire and the actions associated with this emergency.

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  1. first agent discharged immedialty..i get it…but second ? it's there in case you still have a fire after 30s usually ? why is the Sop this way ? any logical factors involved in this ?

  2. is it possible for students pilots who study at BAA to reach their 1500HRS by type rating ( after took their ATPL ) ?

  3. Elias Gergi, you have to continue (After V1 you don't have the sufficient space to stop the takeoff), extinguish the engine and land on the same airport you takeoffed from.

  4. Great video! Just one question, what does the SRS do – I know it has something to do with speed protection during takeoff but I would like the details…
    Oh yeah, and you are supposed to shutdown eng. 1 and you shouldn't start the APU (even if the fire is out)

  5. Are there any circumstances where a large passenger aircraft (eg B777 or A330) about two thirds full of passengers, can take off with no flaps, no leading edge slats extended..a completely clean wing?

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