Have you ever seen an airliner fly in a formation with an F16 fighter jet? Have you ever seen in real life an airliner perform a high speed low pass? Even if you said yes, I bet you have NEVER seen an Airbus A320 do both at the same time!
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Something you don’t get to see every day! A treat at Athens Flying Week 2014 Airshow, an Aegean Airlines Airbus A320-232 flying in a formation with a Hellenic Airforce Demo Team F-16 fighter jet, “ZEUS”, just a few feet over the ground, in a series of high speed low passes over the runway at Tatoi Airfield in front of the spectators of the airshow! A unique moment we all loved. Enjoy!

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*Camera Used*
Canon Legria HF G-30

*Tripod Used*
Velbon DV-7000 with Manfrotto 502AH fluid video head

*Microphone Used*
Rode Videomic Pro @ 0 dB


  1. Yeah. A Boeing 767-200 over New York City and hitting a building 14 years ago.

    But this is better, and more positive to look at. The Boeing 767 traumatized me up to this moment…

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