Airbus A320 Hydraulic Reservoirs (Depressurization & Pressurization)


  1. a few thoughts; 8 1/2 years of AC maintenance; filling from a "punched open" can of Skydrol with NO filtration? and if you know you are going to make an instructional video, why pick the dirtiest machine in the fleet with trash blowing across the ramp?

  2. how pressurize hydraulic reservoir on A320 ?

    there is two ways but i know one of them 

    it is ( on base maintenance )
    by oxygen cart to pressurize all reservoir from one point on blue hyd compartment door 

     but what is the second way ???????????
    plz answer me  ( i think its will be done on line maintenance ) 

  3. skydrol is some pretty nasty stuff, i would be wearing long sleeves when handling it as the stuff is a bit caustic and causes a rather nasty rash when it gets on your skin.

  4. Aircraft Maintenance Enginer will know the most part of aircraft, but allway works with the documentation in the job.

  5. For Skydrol hydraulic leaks consider @greenSorb – works on Jet-A, JP-8, Skydrol and Turbine Oils while passing U.S. EPA testing for safe disposal

  6. Mitic Enfant Prodige, one of the few people who started to work in Alitalia at age of 16!!White uniform?Of course! @beerbrewer737 Specialist knows how to work and don't get dirty!

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