Me landing the A320 @ Funchal Airport on Madeira island Portugal in high definition. VOR approach rwy 05, visual circle to land. Please rate, more soon!


  1. Nice movie and superb music… One of my favourite songs…
    I also had the chance more than once to enjoy a jumpseat landing

  2. The music background is Paul Kalkbrenner, "Sky and Sand". Great landing at FNC, captain. Must have been one of those rare days when the crosswinds were not kicking up??? Great video, and I like the music too, it's the perfect song (catch the lyrics) for this. Thanks.

  3. Great video and wonderful view from the cockpit! Please do more!!!!!!!!!
    By the way –  I love this song mixed with the sound of the plane! 🙂

  4. +FlightdeckView i had a frightening landing here on the flight from LX, crazy crosswinds + the side view from the passenger seat when making the final turn before landing is even more scary than it looks from the cockpit:) respect anyways!! 

  5. great video; I was in Funchal in spring and am compiling a video which I'll put online shortly but unfortunately … no cockpit view

  6. I may sound very ignorant asking this, but I am curious – clearly, this was all you flying the approach right? At what point during the descent and/or approach did you turn off LNAV and VNAV and take over all control? I ask this, because I feel spoiled, mainly landing on nice long glide scopes over flat or hilly land, letting the aircraft land itself with the APPR and CMD A and B on. I just wanna know, at what point you turned the autopilot off and landed this yourself with perfection.

  7. What's the trick to staying lined up on the centerline when landing and taxing? And do the rudder pedals also serve for manual braking?

  8. Hey Alex….I'm from Australia. I landed at Madeira Airport in Dec!!! It was a bit scary, but great fun. The people I stayed with are on the hill on the left as you approach the airport, so I had great fun watching the planes come in and land everyday….enjoy your flying mate….cheers.

  9. The performance calculation we do is for one-engine-out only, since we are not interested in our climb gradient with all engines working. What we want to know is: can we continue the SID/missed approach if one engine fails?… So with SIDs that have an extreme climb gradient (2 eng), a minimum feet per minute chart needs to be published and waypoints in our FMS will have an altitude restriction. If according to the FMS we cant make the restriction; the altitude published next to it will be red.

  10. Line up was perfect indeed, but sudden crosswind blew us off track. That is exactly the reason why we require extra training to operate in and out of Madeira

  11. Nice smooth landing at a terrible location – thank you for the posting. For my part, I prefer no added music; just the normal cockpit sounds.

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