After a landing gear system part replacement a landing gear swing needs to be performed on an Airbus A320 aircraft.


  1. So the PTU is also heard from the exterior? Well, it is helpful for hydraulic power, but the sound is SO ANNOYING! IT REMINDS ME OF THE A320 FAMILY AIRCRAFT I'VE BEEN ON. GOD that sound is so weird!

  2. I work around A319/A320/A321s. I used to work around a lot of Boeings, such as 737, 757s, 747s, 767s 777s, and, occasionally, MD-80s. The Airbuses are loud as fuck, as you heard in this video. I thought the APU on the MD-80 was loud, but the hydraulics on an A321 are as loud or louder than a 747, an airplane 3 times bigger! Airbus makes safe airplanes, but they are cheaper than Boeings for a reason.

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