An Airbus A320-200 Lufthansa nearly crashed during a crosswind approach on the runway 23 at the airport Hamburg International (EDDH) on 1st march 2008 in Germany. Extreme landing or approach. Crash. Left wing touched the runway. Crazy. Hard and dangerous. Funny landing. Storm Emma 2008 in Germany (Hamburg EDDH). After the landing the left wing was destroyed. This first landing was a wingstrike. Travel & Events.


  1. Yes, too much "safety" is sometimes "too much" and brings us "more danger" anyway (exactly the same problem is also common in car industry) 🙂

  2. The cause of this almost crash was that an idiotic system from Airbus reduces flight controls' efficiency to 50% once the landing gear touched the runway to "avoid an oversteer on ground". Airbus modified this system since. Too much safety kills the safety…

  3. I don't know why European pilots always try to de-crab it 3ft above the ground, even in severe storm condition like this. It's very dangerous when severe crosswind is blowing like this video. He should not have hit the left radar pedal before the gears touching the ground, he should have touched down with the crab motion, it's A320, a modern airplane, it's not a DC-3 made in 1950, it can handle it.

  4. @Deeso Saeed
    That was not normal anymore, because the wing even touched the ground and had a little damage.
    But the pilot was doing alright! 🙂

  5. normal procedure, when you can't touch ground with your plane safely stabilized you apply TO/GA power and flare the plane to climb up quickly

  6. Can any expert explain me why this crosswind landing went wrong? Was that because of the change of the direction of the wind? Did pilots have responsibility or it was just bad luck? Would it be better if the landing was aborted provided that there would be enough fuels?

  7. The computer caused the criss wind? Powerful computer. Had a cross wind, which happens all the tim landing in maui bout had a heart attack

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