Main Landing Gear Wheel Removal / Installation


  1. I'm surprised there wasn't any safety wire on the brake temperature sensor connector & there was no mention of that connector being safety wired after being re-connected on the inboard side of the wheel. I did see a hole on the connector for safety wire though so maybe that part of the video was just omitted. We FAA Certificated Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics usually use a hydraulic wheel jack that has a couple arms that stick out like a forklift to pick up large tires. Some people mentioned safety shoes or boots & most repair places say you have to wear them because of accidents & lawsuits but it's up to the employer. There was mention of not wearing gloves also. I can tell you from personal experience, that MEK, ACETONE, ETC. does soak into your skin quickly & I didn't get sick (yet-hope not) using it many times without gloves. I do believe though it messed up the skin on my hands because after touching something really dusty dirty & dry like coiling up an electrical extension cord my hands almost immediately start peeling really bad (use O'Keeffe's Working Hands best stuff EVER!). So if one of your co-workers gives you any shit & says you're being a pussy for wearing gloves punch that mother fucker right in the face it's your body not theirs! LOL JK! These videos are part of training & not to be used for actual repair although that's exactly how it's done LOL. Reason being we are only supposed to use the CURRENT version of the aircraft manufacturer's (U.S.A.- F.A.A.) OR Airlines APPROVED Aircraft Maintenance Manual & every time we use it we must check to make sure we are using the most current revision of said manual & where I worked provide a copy of the procedures from that manual. There's more to it than this also like paperwork, inspectors, torque wrench calibration stickers ETC, ETC, ETC, but I already started writing a book here. There are a few minor things a pilot or owner is allowed to do like changing a tire, filters, hose ends ETC. Consult online Federal Aviation Regulations F.A.R.'s/C.F.R.'s 43.3 OR 43.3 (d) A person working under the supervision of a holder of a mechanic or repairman certificate may perform the maintenance, preventive maintenance, and alterations that his supervisor is authorized to perform, if the supervisor personally observes the work being done to the extent necessary to ensure that it is being done properly and if the supervisor is readily available, in person, for consultation. However, this paragraph does not authorize the performance of any inspection required by Part 91 or Part 125 of this chapter or any inspection performed after a major repair or alteration. Any good reasonable sane questions just ask me.

  2. Sweet! I'm going to use this video to put the "donut" wheel from my roomate's car onto his A320. He's going to so pissed!

  3. Pretty cool with the guys displaying a concise path as to just how its done.

    Bang! bang! bang! Not too difficult at all.

  4. Great job. But I don't understand why some people are being so vulgar in their comments. I wish the comments were a good learning experience

  5. how many people responsible for changing an aircraft tyre would actually watch a video on youtube on how to do it
    who would want to be on that plane

  6. the funniest thing about this video is it has almost 1 million view. who wants to learn how to change a tyre from an airliner lmao

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