Airbus A320 – Motivation
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Music by Liquid Cinema
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Track: Aeterna
Album: LQC025 “Aeterna” (Epic Dramatic Trailers) (2014)


  1. Anyone for flying? Realise your dream. Make strategy. Pull out all the stops. Go for broke. Avoid negative people. Listen to and watch your mentors (for you are their prodigy. Look towards Captaincy but be great and enjoy the right seat. Fill your mind with the knowledge. Don't be complacent. Follow your verve. Take time around your aircraft on the ground even if you are not flying that day. Aim to realise your dream as soon as possible but don't fret or panic. Follow any signs to your success. Accept and take every opportunity to realise your objective. Don't let anyone, or anything stand in your way. Get funded, you will always be able to pay it back. Don y leave yourself short of money during training. Never lose sight of your objective or get list down a side road. The closer you get to nirvana the more the devil puts things in your way. Trust only those who want you to succeed. Avoid baddies whether they be minions or persons of power. Pray often. Let God be your Co-pilot. Don't ever give up.

  2. ooh god reallly amazing, i'm an aspiring pilot, i just can't wait to fly an A320 every time it gives goosebumps. 🙂

  3. do you always land with auto thrust? your left hand dont seem to be adjusting the power besides retarding the thrust .NOTICE ME IM AN AVIATION ENTHUSIAST

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