Nose Landing Gear Wheel Removal / Installation


  1. Brakes are kept off even though Nose Wheel doesn't have the brakes. The reason is during jacking the nose wheel, the plane is lifted at front creates arotational movement of the aircraft , fulcrum being at Main wheels. Main wheels may rotate a bit and if the brakes are on it will resist the main wheel movement.

  2. Good way of putting out your eye – you never remove the Schrader valve stem (valve stem) – you remove the entire Schrader valve assembly with a 1/2 inch socket set and let it bleed down. If you remove just the stem, it is easy for the tire pressure to blow the stem back into the mechanic's face.

  3. Best example to show how not to do a wheel change , (without any safety measures ) and how did he roate the wheel while torquing opposite direction or the same direction ?

  4. No, the A320 does not have nose wheel brakes, although the Boeing 727 did, at least originally. The reason the parking brake is released after chocking the main wheels is to relieve any lateral stress from the nose gear before jacking. This stress can be caused by setting the parking brakes (on main gear wheels) when the airplane stops, particularly if one engine is still running. With the brakes set and the nose tires unable to move sideways, the stress could move the strut laterally as the jack lifts the tires off the ground, causing the jack to fall over. After landing, the parking brake is usually released as soon as the chocks are installed, to prevent hot brake discs from sticking together. Even if the brakes are cool, it is good practice to release and reset the parking brakes after the chocks are installed, to remove stress from the gear.

  5. For everyone commenting about using a torque wrench to loosen the nut, remember he has to measure and record the torque of the nut for the maintenance records

  6. It's not 'Landing Gear,' it's known as undercart or 'Gear'. Planes don't just land…they take off too and they taxi around the airport….so 'Landing Gear' name is not representative.

  7. maybe you know why he must release the parking brake before changing the front wheel?
    i saw the other video with the rear wheel, and it made sense, since they needed to rotate the wheel, but the front wheel has no brakes anyway

  8. Forgot to set the parking breaks & the left side wheel had a low psi which reads 55 psi & the other readings where at 60 psi on the computer !!!! But I'm getting my A&P soon but short videos like these are great for learning & they do help.

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