Airbus A320 ZK-OAB of Air new Zealand gives a passenger view of a smooth flight from Auckland International Airport to Christchurch International Airport April, 2013. To see our Video of the arrival of this airplane from the factory in February 2011 go to


  1. Awesome video dude, ZK-OAB is one of my favorite aircraft in the Air New Zealand Fleet (Being the first 'crazy about rugby scheme' ) awesome video dude! thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. My 1st time seeing a video of New Zealand 🙂 nice plane!! Love it! I see there's a bridge.. but some passenger walk up to the plane from the ground outside. Does everyone enters from the same door or those enter from the back are for the Seats class fare? Curious 🙂

  3. Coming Soon, I will have a video of this aircraft taking off from Wellington today, on a bright sunny day too.

  4. Hi Lambada – reply to your question from P/R Dept. "
    Air New Zealand operates three fleets of A320 aircraft. The A320R operates short-haul international routes and the A320A, our Sharklet wingtip aircraft and the A320D operate domestic services. The fleets have different configurations depending on whether they operate domestically or short-haul." Thanks for your interest. Mike, AirflowNZ

  5. We had to have a wheel replaced on ZK-OXA after the push-back driver damaged it. Fortunately we were able to stay on the plane.

  6. Alex – yes, went to Wellington on ZK-OXB on October. Smooth trip in new airplane! Security had just two of four screening bays open as the other two being upgraded. Massive delays with one of my group reaching WGTN with an object in his backpack that was missed. FAA, you will have read, are to clear use of portable electronic devices excluding cell phones. NZ to advise. However, our son has a cheap point & click Samsung camera that can email a photo direct! regards, Mike AirflowNZ

  7. Have you ridden the new A320 yet (ZK-OXA)???? I got it between Auckland and Wellington in July (both ways). Fantastic ride. Also the screens stayed down during the flight and there was a quiz on and some ads.

  8. Camera's don't have any transmitting devices on them generally like phones do. They don't connect with the internet or call people.

  9. Hi Shahie – TheFAA will shortly announce the easing of the use of portable electronic equipment below 10.000 feet by passengers (but not cell phones).They say the level of electronic interference may have been overstated & the shielding of sensitive aircraft cabling has improved. Thanks for your comment. Mike AirflowNZ

  10. Hi TheSolnabo! The distance from Auckland to Christchurch is 746Km & flight time published as 1 hour 20 min – but I have done it on a recent trip in 45 min (with a good tail wind!) regards, Mike AirflowNZ

  11. New Zealand has had the driest Summer for over 50 years. Rain fell this week, in any quantity, for the first time since prior to Christmas!

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