A320 Vietnam Airlines by Canon papercraft 1:72
Paper model of the airbus A-320 of Vietnamese airlines. Scale 1:72. The developer K.Kiyonaga (Canon papercraft).
To download this paper model:

Download the instructions and the sweep of the paper model here:


  1. +Andrey Klochko , why do you put a hole in at the thing like a support wall inside the plane? because its usually with out holes . rply pls 🙂 XD

  2. Самолет хороший, но после этого сумасшедшего Luca Laconi со своим боингом, другие модели не впечатляют. 

  3. I don't recommend the canon matte photo paper as it is very easy to tear apart after a while……….. so I bought canon glossy 😀

  4. It took me about two month. I think you can succesfully make this papermodel. Matte paper (about 160-200 g/m2 density) is much more better than regular paper (about 80-90 g/m2 density).

  5. Actually, I use a matte paper for inkjet printers about 160-200 g/m2 density. I prefer to use not waterbased glue. The best result does contact glues such a Bison, Moment etc. based on polyurethane. The round holes in bulkheads (walls) made for putting finger inside to keep and move the bulkhead when the assembling process is on.

  6. I found the template to build this plane by myself. Still I do habe some questions: Do you use a specific kind of paper or will any paper just do? I've also seen on yor video, that you made round holes into the "walls" that give tho model the roundish shape it shold have. Those holes are not in my pattern. Do you have a different pattern or why do have those holes in your model? Do you use a specific type of glue?

  7. I build the boeing 777-300ER in JAL livery at the moment. I finished a huge fuselage 105 cm long and right wing only. More information on my site paperflug.ru.

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