Airbus A320 – Raw Series – LDG PKU 36

Airbus A320 – Raw Series – LDG PKU 36
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As the name suggest the new RAW series upload are all in their RAW state out of the Camera. No Color Grading, No Stabilisation, No Sound Editing, No Music addition, for the sole purpose, to have the actual experience, feel, vibrations and sounds that we deal with everyday on a daily basis and for the purpose of motivating others to follow their dream and never give up on your dream and get into the aviation industry.
Young aviators of today will be the captains of tomorrow.

Safety is and always will be the number one priority in aviation thus all precautions where taken during planning and filming each and every event during flight or on the ground using professional equipment and safety clamps.
All Company SOP’s where stricktly adhered too, whether in mid flight, or on the ground so as normal day to day operations is not effected in any way, shape or form.
Filming and equipment used in the production was only used after an intense HIRAC report.

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Any infringement will be prosecuted.
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Disclaimer: This is not a commercial for, or paid by for, or as an endorsement for anything mentioned as equipment.

Equipment used:
Airbus A320-214(WL) CFM56-B
GoPro5 Black 4K
Heavy duty suction cups : Woods Power Grip Vacuum Suction Cups.

32 thoughts on “Airbus A320 – Raw Series – LDG PKU 36

  1. Danny Park

    thank you for sharing company video haha. and….. did he follow SOP? i am still wondering… "he said GS star". Glide slope star or Ground speed star? And one more.. he said wind information while approach like "x wind 10kt" is it from ATC? MUST FOLLOW WIND INFORMATION FROM ATC WHILE APPROA. and MAKE CORRECT STANDARD CALL OUT. not a just GS star. "Glide slope star". anyway.. thank you for sharing company. raw data.. i am not sure this is raw data or not.

  2. Irwansyah Lubis

    Dear Capten Manwell,

    Thanks for All Videos,feri nice landing ..before land chek for procedure.I love this Video.

    Warm regard,


  3. Evander Z

    Fantastic video!!

    I'm curious why in all your video it's always looked like you're the PIC (captain)(your seat is on the right so i guess you are a co-pilot). You control the yoke all time when take off and landing etc although i know that co-pilot is permitted to do that. I think that's captain responsibility. If it's common in citilink, i dont mind because u are a great pilot.

    Thanks *no offense, just curious..

    I'm Indonesian and Love to see great Pilot handle our national airline..

  4. JoyofFlying172

    Thank you for this POV Video and the Callouts 🙂 Keep on uploading your videos! They are absolute amazing!

  5. Attila Szász

    Great video, especially loved the subtitles, they make it much easier to understand. May I ask why did you turn off the AP instead of doing an autoland?

  6. The Aviator

    amazing video, keep them coming !!
    The camera is perfectly placed, maybe next time a Go around from this view whenever you do get one lool

  7. Simon Forrister

    Brilliant Vid. Really Good Camera Angle as it showed the reflexes on the Joystick. Keep them coming, Manwel. Inspirational and learning lots.

  8. Sanil Sanil

    sorry for my bad eanglish but i hope you will understand me. Which lessons/admissions you need most in the school when you studing? I am talking about gymnasium classes. P.S. Very nice video !! Good job Manwel!!


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