For today’s video, here’s 2 shots in one of a 737 with split scimitar winglets and an A320 with sharklets. Both are competitors! Which one do you like better?

Surprisingly, I’ve seen XA-AME 2 times already, and N827JB 3 times- but this is my first time filming it.

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Aircraft Information
Airline : Aeromexico AMX/AM and JetBlue Airways JBU/B6
Aircraft : Boeing 737-852SSW and Airbus A320-232SL
Flight : AMX402/AM402 and JBU1834/B61834
Airport : John F. Kennedy International Airport KJFK/JFK
Runway : Runway 31R
Origin : Lic. Benito Juarez International Airport MMMX/MEX and Port-au-Prince International Airport MTPP/PAP
Destination : John F. Kennedy International Airport KJFK/JFK
Registration : XA-AME and N827JB
Flight Aware :

Spotting Information :

Spotting Location : Terminal 5 Garage
Date of Filming : October 26, 2014
Camera(s) : Canon Powershot SX-40HS
Video Editor : CyberLink PowerDirector Version 12
Tripod : Velbon C500
Filmed By : CathayA340 (Wes)

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  1. Since there is high pressure on the underside of the wing, where the side emigration of high pressure air particles start, then it would be logical to hold them before they start curling out, hence the need for the underside winglet.
    Since the upper side of the wing is a partial vacuum, then the atmospheric air would try to immigrate into the upper surface hence the reason for the upper winglet……………… so an upper and lower winglet is necessary, other wise a longer raked back leading and trailing edge…………………. all birds and fish fins …………….have a trailing back leading and trailing edge on those feathers and no designer till 1955 seem to have notices this special features on birds. Nature knows what it is doing and it is a pity that we are too proud to copy it.

  2. I always choose Airbus because all major airlines here in the Philippines use at least one Airbus A320 in each of their fleets. Proud to be Pinoy

  3. I like boeing but those scimitars are ugly AF. Shame they can't use raked wings like the 737 p-8 poseidon because those are even more beautiful than the sharklets

  4. bigger wing lites are more expensive 737 is the worst plane ever booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boing booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo air bus

  5. Split Scimitars no matter what. You'll notice the difference in terms of flying experience.The ride is much smoother and less . Flown with Alaska's 739s with their split scimitars. It was amazing. I love it plus unlike sharklets you can see the Scimitars during the night. I do like the Sharklets (much better than the fence winglets) but my vote goes to Scimitars.

  6. ahah you mean old style winglet or new style winglet right? 🙂

    Lets do it clear :
    Wingtip againts Winglet
    Sharklet (which is actually Winglet) againts Split Scimitar Winglet

    I like Airbus but we know that its copying…

  7. I'd say 737 looks bulky and is an old frame,how much bells and whistles they try hanging to it.A320 is much quieter and looks neat.

  8. Split-scimitars are the way of the future with the MAX AT set to be tested out with two airlines by the end of this year, Korean Air being one of them. Great work!

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