Airbus shoots over Sylt over the runway On the Sylter airport, an Airbus A320 has just come to a halt 50 meters after the end of the runway. The 82 passengers and five crew members remained uninjured.

There are no injured

None of the 82 passengers were injured. The airman came from Düsseldorf. At the time of landing, the runway was wet and visibility was bad. The exact cause of the incident has not yet been clarified. The Federal Office for Flight Accident Investigations has been informed and has taken the investigation. Fire Brigade personnel brought the passengers and the five crew members with stairs from the plane. There was no apparent damage to the plane, but it was sacked into the wet ground. It is not yet known how long it will take to recover the aircraft.

Airport until further notice

Until further notice, the airport is closed to air traffic. "The weather situation does not allow the flight operations on the cross-lane for the scheduled service," the airport said. For Sunday, however, the conditions look better. Then a use seems possible. The main piste, on the other hand, can only be carried out after completion of the investigations and the rescue of the Airbus. Already existing machines were redirected on Saturday. Eight originally planned landings and nine starts were canceled according to the website of the airport.
Passengers must avoid – or remain on the island

Who wanted to leave the North Sea on Saturday with the plane, so had bad cards. "I had a flight over Dusseldorf to Mallorca, which has been canceled, the money is gone, no one can say when I come down from the island," cursed an angry passenger. A woman with two children was happy: "Actually, I should have been flying to Salzburg today, but now I can stay here for a week, but that's because I can live with my mother-in-law young children to Salzburg. " An elderly couple, on the other hand, waited a bit helpless at the airport. "We were called by the airline to come to the airport, let's see how things are going now, and we'll be on the train to Niebüll on the mainland, and we'll see more," the man from the Rhine- Room.


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