@ Ponta Delgada airport on the azores an Airbus A320 of TAP CS-TNV takeoff talewind. first you see the plane taxies to the runway.You can see it @ 4:38 in the movie takeoff @ 4:20 sorry for the steadyshot [not]


  1. "Wrong way" my arse! There was barely a breeze from the SE, so it would have been a safe take-off, as evidenced by the fact that the plane could rotate about two hundred metres from the end of the runway.

  2. In most (if not all) of the US, any wind under 5kts is considered 'calm' and you can takeoff in whatever direction you like. Judging from the sock, it wasn't that windy. I think they're fine.

  3. Lol when you don't know you don't talk. Maybe the active runway was rwy30 but those aircraft have a tailwind limitation of 10-15kts, and if those values are not exceeded they can ask the tower for rwy12, that way they make a shorter taxi, a lot shorter, and don't have to burn fuel just the backtrack to the runway 30. Every pilots in ponta Delgada make this, ask the rwy12 if the winds are below the values I just said. Next time check it up or shut up 😉

  4. ACARS takeoff data knows all!  Plus, the windsock was barely fluttering with the indication of a tailwind.  If ya not an airline pilot, quit tryin' to stir the pot!!!

  5. The wrong runway? Do you believe the pilots are crazy? They were authorized to takeoff in runway 12. The Q400 landed on that exact same runway. It turned and came that taxiway, simply. Do you understand?

  6. Gostei muito de ver.Videos muito bem feitos.Formidavel ver o levantar voo do aviao da Tap,de nome da nossa grande Diva do Fado.D.Amalia Rodrigues. Paz a sua alma ,o meu obrigado a quem fez este trabalho maravilhoso.Bjos ao meu lindo sobrinho C.Filipe.

  7. very nice filming!! and indeed he took off in the wrong direction , but everything is fine afterwards , so no problem!!

  8. Aircraft often take down wind for a variety of reasons if the component is small.

    This will be a cleared take off so it is simply a down wind take off or if you prefer a tail wind take off

    It is not, however "wrong", it is planned and cleared and therefore right for whatever the reason in this case.

  9. This is said from the perspective that this plane takes off with the wind. instead of against it. it was not a strong wind but which explains the title. thanks for watching and commenting

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