This is one of the first A320 test flights, the fly-by-wire setting that went wrong.


  1. When people told me that becoming a pilot was a waste of time because computers would be doing all the flying….HA!

  2. That moment when people are saying never let a computer drive a plane wait till they discover that this plane in the video was an a320 (one of the most popular commercial aircraft today)

  3. This was actually an average flight and three people died in the crash. Really not something to take the piss out of.

  4. This crash was due to pilot error and not the planes safety settings. The pilot was to fly low across an air show to show off the new A320, but he flew it too low and slow that when he tried to pull up, the plane's anti-stall feature kicked in and pointed the nose of the plane down, despite the pilot trying to pull up. There is somewhat of a conspiracy in the defense of the pilot that the data that was concluded in his investigation was tampered with, which could possibly could exonerate him. However, he was still found guilty of involuntary man slaughter and sentenced to ten months in prison. The three people that died actually died after the plane crashed and were caught in the cabin. (one was passed out, the other couldn't undo their seatbelt, and the third was someone going in and trying to save them both but never made it back out.)

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