A320 (V2500) Opening & Closing of Engine Cowl Doors.


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  2. I swear maintenance crews need to be paid more,these guys are doing more stuff on just one engine then a airline CEO does in an entire week.

  3. @Korpsaws also, the cabin is just locked inside of the cockpit, so its very unconfortable to wait inside of the cabin locked lol hahahaha

  4. @airkalbo cause only the copilot or the captain can do that. and its a procedure. the cabin need to be open cause the pilot can configurate the fmgs or overhead. understood ?

  5. There's a lot of technical information on the internet for most aircraft types and you can purchase them in shops which sell them (including official flight manuals and computer based training manterial).
    None of this knowledge will prove dangerous in any hands because you are unlikely to get access to airside without getting caught.
    Parked aircraft are well observed and airport security will know whether ground crew are expected to inspect or be near an unattended aircraft for any reason.

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