Airbus A320 Landing at Kerkira ( Corfu ). Beautiful scenery surrounded By Mountainous Terrain and Clear Blue Waters. This is a VOR Approach into Runway 35.


  1. Tishan I have a question. Im new to your channel, but can see you flew the 737NG, but now flies the A320. What made you take a rating to the A320 instead of sticking with the 737?
    Is it because it is easier to take a difference training from an A320 to something bigger (330,340) or is it because there aint many jobs in the 737?
    Im asking of pure curiosity and to gain my knowledge. Im a student pilot at DanFly Aviation at EKSP in Denmark, and I'm trying to figure out Airbus or Boeing…

  2. V.V.V Small Deadband, with Instantaneous Response. Since it is an Airbus, you cant Just Slam the Stick Hard Right/Left/Up or Down ! Even if you do the Aircraft will command a gentle (1G) load factor manoeuvre so the coffee doesn't spill.

  3. Awesome video! I'm going to aviation school next year, hoping to come out as a fo for jetstar flying the 320, what is the response time on the joystick like?

  4. Good one ! It shows reality. Every pilot is blessed with awesome views but also with a great responsibility and challenge. That´s life. You can´t have the one without the other. Great video ! Thank´s for sharing and always happy landings !!

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