Airbus A320 airstart with Air Starter Unit (IAE Engines).
The machine shown is an Air Starter Unit (ASU). ASUs are used for starting aircraft engines equipped with pneumatic starter. The reason could be an in operational Auxiliary Power unit (APU).
The ASU supplies necessary quantity of air at specified pressure
through one/two or three hoses attached to the aircraft’s under
belly. In this case, through only one hose.
In this case, engine #2 is started at first and engine #1 is started later with cross-bleed air from engine #2.
This plane is PR-MAV, a LATAM Brasil Airbus A320 equipped with two IAE V2527-A5 engines.

This video is just a fragment of the video in this case in English.

Arranque con generador externo.
Partida com gerador externo
Airstart with power generator
Démarrage à l’Air Start sur A320

Equipment: Airbus A320
Asiento/Assento/Poltrona/Seat: 5A

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  1. Can you do a plane-to-plane crossbleed startup having a pneumatic hose attached from one aircraft to another to start the other plane up?

  2. Wha?? I'm so confused, why would they do that? I know some stuff about aviation but never seen this type of thing, if the APU isn't working, is it still safe to fly?

  3. Muy bueno , with correct details!…..My remarks : Air starter pressure is nominal 40 psi (ideal) same like APU output…..For medium sized planes ,one hose is enough (even for the 707) that had no APU…Now on bigger planes ,bigger engines ,you must have 2 ASU  , reason ,not the pressure,….BUT  the volume of air ……(A300,747)(On the A300B4 I flew ,one hose ,gave us 40 psi , but turning the engine was not possible ,it needed more air volume  – GE CF6-50 engines) Usually we started both engines at the finger with the ASU ….Cross bleed start was not recommended ,because you need to spool up the live engine ,to produce pressure/volume , not practical in the tarmac…..(the only airport in Europe we did cross bleed when APU inop. ,was Roma Fiumicino ,because of the construction of some fingers (not movable)….in front of #1 engine)….I am so glad when passengers like you ,follow up what is going on !My respects!…..

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