This short domestic flight takes us from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Phoenix Arizona. It was a fine morning for flying, and the video includes all phases of the flight, takeoff, landing and cruise. There’s also some geography tidbits for you too, as usual. Catering is the standard AA domestic First Class offer (not much!).

This flight took place on an ex-US Airways A320 which, although repainted, hadn’t been refurbished inside. So it still had the old US armchairs! I do miss US Airways….

Enjoy the video, and leave me a comment!

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  1. Enjoying all your reports, I started with oldest first and working through, can you tell me what apps you use on your phone/tablet/PC to help you with your travelling?

  2. no footage at all from southern Utah? some of the most stunning scenery exists there. it's a shame you didn't include it 🙁

  3. Salt Lake to Phoenix is an old America West route, and the A320 is probably one of theirs. I flew enough times on them to recognize those old first class seats. I actually got to fly from Orlando to PHX on an AWA 757 in first class back in the day after they bumped me for 24 hours in Orlando.

  4. very nice video, thumbs UP!

    "First Class" *lol
    All US Carriers do not deserve this designation, their "service" is a shame compared to Airlines in Europe and Asia!

  5. It's hilarious how they call it "First Class" and still serve juice in a disposable plastic cup! 😛

  6. That US airways logo covered with a sticker is so cheap lol. Another nice shot hop video. Same about the AA services as always though.

  7. great video, but idk why but it annoys me when people put "rotate" in there videos. Congrats you know what its called..

  8. you know what freaks me out the most in a plane. That initial deceleration once you take off lol I know its normal, but the feeling is always so weird

  9. Salt Lake City. Beautiful views, Dull airport (But I'm biased, had a 6hr layover there once)
    Excellent vid as usual, sir.

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