1. iam half Greek and half English but the north side is much better nice airport very clean nice duty free very friendly must see

  2. north Cyprus is so beautiful so friendly I have been to both sides the south is to busy the north is more relaxing and I find the Greek people a bit rude plus you get to land in turkey first wot a bonus

  3. Territories occupied by Turkey since 1974. They killed, raped, and drove people from their homes. It is an illegal airport transfers. The occupied areas are in the Republic of Cyprus, member of the European Union. The only legally airports in Cyprus are Larnaca and Paphos. Dont exist Northern Cyprus.

  4. One of the worst airports. Unacceptable service, dirty toilets, luggage always coming late, poor transportation from/to the airport taxis expensive, generally not friendly and hospitable personnel, bad smell. Rate 4/10

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