This footage was filmed by Simon Miles during a visit to SFO in October 2012.

An example of a safe, efficient and well executed arrival sequence. This event more or less follows standard IATA guidance. A few educational & safety points worth noting:

• A pre arrival stand FOD check had been carried out
• Chocks, cones & GSE ready and positioned outside the red stand safety lines
• Nose gear chocked, “chocks in” signal given quickly but safely to the crew
• The “thumbs up” very soon after initiates Air Bridge within ATA +22s (engaged by ATA +1m 34s)
• Good use of banks man
• Forward hold offload initiated by ATA+ 5m

Some interesting company procedures also worth noting;

• The “popping” of the hold doors signifies that arrival damage checks completed in that zone (company procedure)
• The cone placed under the main fuselage adjacent to the underside antenna, there as a result of head injuries (company procedure)
• Note that the main gear chocks are placed around ATA+ to allow EPR from the engines to dissipate (the proximity of main gear and jet blast area can be a particular problem on the A320 family)

Disclaimer: The events and activity depicted within this clip are of a single event only and are not necessarily representative of normal operations. The clip is intended for educational purposes only to raise safety awareness. No view whatsoever is expressed by Miles Aviation Consulting Ltd toward any organisation or personnel and events seen within this video.

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