Welcome aboard! Enjoy the Taxi and Takeoff of an Airbus A320 at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport from the cockpit´s perspective !

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Video in cooperation with pilot Taras Shelst. THANK YOU !
Check out his great channel :

Aircraft: Airbus A320
Airport: Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE )
Runway in use : 25L

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  1. I love going abroad and sitting down as a passenger and being able to watch the amazing view out of the window. It's quite a spiritual experience.

  2. Why the hell is every beatiuful take off video actually a long taxi start up video with a short take off video? If it is a taxi video then name it taxi video with a little take off included.

  3. Pilots flew so much in their life that it's not such a big deal for them to fly by hand so they just rather engage the autopilot. For some people it's probably seems boring but for them it's not because imagine how much experience they had put in to get hired as an airline pilot. ( it takes time to bud hours)

  4. The airbus A320 is called atari plane by the pilots it flies on its own, its not real flying, the computer flyes, the pilot only monitoring.

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