Baltic Aviation Academy (Lithuania) comes back with introductory aviation tutorials together with Pranas Drulis, ATPL integrated student, who this time will explain how to conduct belly-landing on Airbus A320.

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  1. i was suprised the emergency checklist saaid to still come in at a slight angle- 6 degrees pos I believe? – how likely would this be in reality to have snapped the plane in half? Fantastic video though, love these

  2. Would it be easier to pitch up with the joystick, or with the yoke?
    I've tried a joystick before, but notice that my hand gets cramped when pitching at rotation speed or flaring

  3. Really cool!
    But, this landing actually doesn't seem very realistic. The plane stops way too quickly. From touch down to a complete stop takes just about 14 seconds.
    Aluminium against asfalt/concrete have much lower friction than rubber (tires) against asfalt/concrete. Just search for "belly landing" at YouTube and watch videos of real ones – the plane just keeps sliding "for ages" before it finally comes to a stop (a lot slower than in a normal landing).

    I didn't saw at fist there is a video cut during the "braking" – but it still looks like it slows down very fast (wich caught my attension). Also there is another video of the same thing with a B737 where there is a tree line at the side of the runway. That realy shows the very short stopping distance (even tho the video is cut)

  4. Hi Pranas.Your teaching method is fantastic.Please will you upload video about normal takeoff and landing.

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