Baltic Aviation Academy at its Vilnius premises operates both of these types full flight simulators and decided to take an advantage of it by making video report. Pranas Drulis, ATPL integrated student and Assistant Training Manager, who already has the excellent skills of operating B737 and A320, has agreed to show and explain control devices, cockpit, engine failure controlling, comfort differences.


  1. Airbus Pilot : Let's just sleep while the computer is flying the plane!
    Boeing Pilot : This very experiencing! You can control the plane manually showing your skills flying a plane!

  2. 3:00 yeah about that the crew on the 737 are trained to know what position the switches should all be in so they'll know if they are right or not the Airbus is just a baby sitter for laziness.

  3. You are comparing the Airbus a320 with Boeing 737-300, you should compare the a320 with atleast the Boeing 737-800. This comparison is unfair.

  4. In conclusion, the cockpit of the a320 is better than the b737 as it has a sliding table, more headroom and better legroom.

  5. So the captain of the airbus has to fly with his left hand. What if he's a righty? Don't you want two hands in order to have more control?

  6. I know you probably know way more about the A320. But please don't call the Sidestick a Joystick. It's not, it's a Sidestick.

  7. half the video is of the kid walking on that ramp giving us a thumbs up, not all that ingenuitive , or entertaining for what its worth

  8. Would make more sense on Airbus if switches were lit when on and dark when off. The system as set up is reverse intuitive

  9. this moderator or speaker has lacking attitudes and knowledge about giving information on 2 planes. as yo can see, he is well biased in presenting a320. he sounds like he will gonna be choose a320 over b737 no matter what happens. he sounds like a biased. thats unfair. your giving a differences but your not allowed to speak your opinion because you were only presenting the differences in them, not giving or stating your fucking biased opinion against b737. in such that. you could have changed the title to "why i prefer a320 over b737" and from that, you can state or say whatever you want to say in airbus over boeing. dont be bullshit dickhead. your not stating differences, your stating your merely fucking opinion that obviously no one would care about. all you give to b737 is negative.

  10. Yes but you didn't show us any newer more automated boeing aircraft! I love both but I hate that you cannot control the airbus manually! What IF both sidesticks fail? You have no way to control your aircraft. (Apart from trim and Rudder).

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