Boeing 737MAX vs Airbus A320 neo *FAIR COMPARISON*

A Fair Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A320neo comparison. Facts courtesy Boeing and Airbus. Videos copyright 2016 Boeing and Airbus.

*EDIT* A320neo range is 3,700 nautical miles

737 MAX entry into service 2017 with Southwest
A320neo entry into service Q1 2016 with Lufthansa

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21 thoughts on “Boeing 737MAX vs Airbus A320 neo *FAIR COMPARISON*

  1. Emmett Froese

    Both are great planes that have a lot of work put into them. They feel and look the same as a passenger, but it depends on your preference: Airbus are more computer controlled and have more pilot comfort, but with Boeing, the pilot has the last say on the controls rather than a computer. It really just depends on your philosophy as a pilot.

  2. Khamphoung Prisayane

    You guys should know that the Boeing is better than the airbus you don't have to remember all these numbers for example a430 see I can't remember it's name use Boeing !

  3. Jacques Loubser

    SO why is the 2nd biggest assembly plant of A32X in Alibama US? … I guess that is where the biggest demand is …


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