BREAKING NEWS – German Airbus A320 Airplane Crashes in French Alps

The Airbus A320 making the flight for Lufthansa’s lowcost arm, Germanwings, crashed near the small mountain village of Barcelonette in the southern Alps with at least 144 passengers and six crew members on board.

Spain’s deputy prime minister said 45 passengers were believed to be Spanish nationals. A spokesman for France’s interior ministry said the passenger manifest was being verified. airplane aircraft germanwings flight flying “french alps” alpine apls “southern france” france “breaking news” news terrain danger snow winter “mountain terrain” “flight simulator” sim simulator pilot “cabin crew” vacation holiday a320 aviation fleet airlines entertainment trendy trending hotel booking tracking “gps tracking” safe safety work airport 2015 2016 expert germany “ski resort” skiing media knowledge surveillance “elite nwo agenda” survival end game end times flight tracker remote alex jones infowars gerald celente anonymous life autopilot demcad jsnip4 george soros bilderberg 2015 rothschild illuminati false flag attack evidence proof exposed

Flight 4U9525 disappeared off the radar at around 11.20am, Le Figaro reported. The plane dropped from 11,500 metres to 2,100 metres (38,000ft to 7,000ft) in nine minutes between 10.31am and 10.40am, air radar services said. Initial reports said a distress call was made by the pilots at 10.47am but French authorities later said this was not the case.

Sebastien Giroux, one of the first eyewitnesses, said he saw the aircraft flying very low. “There was no smoke or particular sound or sign of anything wrong, but at the altitude it was flying it was clearly not going to make it over the mountains,” he told BFM-TV. “I didn’t see anthing wrong with the plane, but it was too low.”

The plane crashed at 2,700 metres altitude in the Alps, in the commune of Méolans-Revel, an isolated area of small villages and hamlets that are difficult to reach. Debris is scattered over an area of 2 sq km, according to French search and rescue.

Flight 4U 9525 vanished from radar screens at about 10.47 am local time, 46 minutes after take-off from Barcelona. French officials said that debris had been found on the 2,961 metre-high Estrop massif near the small town of Barcelonette in the Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence. French aviation officials denied earlier reports that the stricken aircraft had sent out a “mayday” signal. They said that it was French air traffic control which issued the distress signal when the plane disappeared from radar screens.

It has been over a week since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared without a trace, and the world is nowhere closer to finding either where the airplane and its 239 passengers and crew are to be found, nor what actually happened. Instead, what initially was speculation about a midair disintegration, and subsequently suggested a potential case of airplane terrorism gone wrong, has now transformed into a theory that the pilot and/or crew may have been engaged in “foul play”, especially since it appears that based on tracking data, that the plane flew for nearly seven hours after someone “skilled” purposefully shut down its communications and tracking beacon: possibly indicative of a stealthy midair hijacking. However, the same satellite data gave no precise location, and the plane’s altered course could have taken it anywhere from central Asia to the southern Indian Ocean. The idea that Flight 370 passengers and crew may still be alive is not a bizarre theory. Even Reuters is now reporting that U.S. authorities have stated, “…it’s also possible the plane may have landed somewhere.” • Fact #4: The mobile devices of many passengers continued to stay online for days after the disappearance


  1. This guy did not have enough hours to be in the pilot seat AND they claim (after not knowing what else to say) that he is mentally ill and YET there he is in that cockpit. He is a plant of the Zionist Tulmidians for sure. EVERYONE SHOULD READ: A COMPREHENSIVE HISTORY OF ZIONIST CRIMES. This is just one more. Read this and it will tell you WHY they do these attacks like 911, USS Liberty, Kennedy and more. Open your eyes people.

  2. check this out, I thought it's kind of interesting, I did research on the 320 representation. This what I found.
    – Shin-Chaf – 300 + 20 = 320 fragments of the broken vessel. ( I'm afraid, I think  this plane has been used as 'sacrifice' in order to bring the light/ illumination to those who conducted ritual) My pray for the victims and family, Remember, the Cern has been activated recently too, to bring in the dark forces in-to this planet. Absolutely absurd, I know!

  3. Every time a tragedy makes the headlines I google the name of the tragedy and the words false flag. I used to think the people who embrace conspiracy bullshit ideas were dumbshits, which a lot of them may be, but I've started to recognize that it's more of a psychological, coping mechanism. The idea of one or a small handful of people being able to create a lot of damage or havoc is too scary for some people. They need to convince themselves that a few terrorists couldn't possibly take down the twin towers (they did), so they decide destruction on a large scale can only be attributed to complex, elaborate planning by unseen, secret societies. The idea that a single severely disturbed person shooting up a movie theater or preschool is too horrific and scary, there just HAD to have been a comparably elaborate scheme behind it. 

  4. There's no need investigation & speculation & manipulation, the reason of the bloody accident is very clear for any child, it's bloody islamic terrorist operation whether suicide bomber or hostage taker..

  5. We wont forget okra to the okra .Forget Cow.From Spain to Germany in France.Between Spain and Germany France lies.(there is a lie between Spain and Germany .The key sentence is "There Isa lie between us -pain,anger many" Number 320 refers back to 2003 the Desert Storm Operation date .God says "And you can see little lions like bitter date ,like a zipper"The machine translation which is recently known as the industrial translation uses certain meaning when the structure is generated.Meaning of the verse is extended to to mean bitter water :Mary and bitter date :Jesus.The non literal meaning of the verse is " And you can see the mountains you count like God's hands like glass passing by the clouds." the accident was only witnessed by God and the speaker is talking to people in the verse.The passengers were all on their way to the upper paradise.

  6. How many of these state-of-the-art airliners are going to go down for no apparent reason?  If the pilot didn't have a chance to even radio a mayday, it was a catastrophic event.  Some jihadi probably suicide bombed it in mid air or it was shot down.  I don't care if they say they didn't see any other planes on their radar screens, that's what stealth technology is for.


    I see what you have implied, brother, and I don't EVER accept the official story on ANYTHING now.

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