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A busy Saturday morning flight down to the beautiful Austrian capital of Vienna! Flight was fairly full, not many empty seats around. Vienna is one of only a handful of BA destinations that do not operate from Terminal 5 due to capacity issues, so we departed from Terminal 3, which actually made quite a pleasant change from the usual T5 routine. We pushed back bang on time and taxied towards Heathrow’s northerly runway, RWY27R. Not too much around at that time, so very short wait for take off before climbing up and through the low morning cloud and turning left to take us back round on ourselves towards the continent. Great views over Heathrow and the impressive line up of BA flights side by side at T5!

Aircraft: A320-232
Seat: 6A
Flight Number: BA696
Engine type: 2x IAE V2500
Date: September 19th 2015
Dep Time: 07:40
Dep. Gate: Terminal 3, Gate 11.
Arrival Time: (+1 Hour BST) 10:45 (approx.)
Flight duration: 2 hours (approx.)
Cruising Alt: 37,000ft (FL370)
Route: LHR – VIE

Check out the return flight video and some footage I got with my GoPro on this flight coming very soon!

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  1. Another wonderful video from you "RachaelMatt" am I seeing things correct! at 10.40 there seems to be a BA Plane on the grass!!!

  2. Is it just me, or do BA's new Europe Economy Class seats resemble Air France's new seats? It's the same leather, just that AF's seem to have a thinner headrest. Do BA's Y seats recline?

  3. What a wonderful example you are! You always focus on the positives of the experience. You even apologize for any noise which might annoy your Youtube travelers. You do your best not to offend the airline or fellow passengers yourself. I wonder if some of your viewers might like you to add your airport terminal experiences as well so they get the full flavour of the trip.

  4. Time stamps of interest:
    0:11 Gate 11
    0:14 BA A320
    0:16 There it is from another angle
    0:19 Now we are on board
    0:34 Engine view
    0:57 Magical season change
    1:00 Welcome to Speedbirdian Airlines
    1:56 Push and start
    2:32 BA 777
    3:14 Speedbirdian emergency procedures (in case of engine fire?)
    3:30 EK A380
    5:27 Slats extend
    5:44 Begin Taxiing
    5:45 EK A380 again
    6:00 Hey look its a QF A380 (Yes I'm Australian)
    6:40 Control check (Spoiler dance)
    7:06 QF A380 Again
    7:24 VS A320
    7:35 BA 777
    7:47 TG A380 and AC 777
    7:55 Another AC 777
    8:19 BA A318
    8:31 SQ, SQ, UA, Dunno, UA, UA Tails
    8:38 And another AC 777
    9:16 4U A319? Landing
    9:32 EI A320 Taxiing
    10:29 Golden BA A320
    10:38 BA A319? Gets to take off first ):
    11:32 Lining up on runway
    11:53 Takeoff Thrust set
    12:30 Rotate
    13:00 Climb thrust set
    13:34 Slats retract
    14:48 Nice view of the clouds
    17:23 Cut
    17:32 Climbing
    18:33 Cut
    18:34 BA plane
    18:48 Back to engine view
    19:22 Cut
    20:13 Cut
    20:15 Big chimney
    20:50 Cut
    21:08 Food
    21:13 Cut
    21:54 Cut
    22:00 Cruising at FL370
    22:52 Cut
    22:65 Halfway there map
    23:07 428 Miles left
    23:36 Cut
    24:26 Cut
    24:24 Funny looking cloud
    24:57 Cut
    25:06 Top of decent
    25:25 Cut
    25:27 4U Plane
    27:50 Cut
    27:53 Pollution machines
    29:05 Cut
    29:30 "Hello to you from the flight deck"
    30:33 Cut
    31:48 Cut
    31:53 Lake
    32:18 Just about 10-15 minutes to landing now
    33:22 Cut
    34:45 Cut
    34:54 Boat
    36:32 Train station
    37:45 Cut
    38:29 Speed brake
    38:34 "Cabin crew take seats for landing"
    40:44 2000 call out
    41:22 Autopilot disconnect
    42:11 Slats extend
    42:48 Speed brake
    42:52 Cut
    43:15 Cut
    43:47 Finals and approach
    47:24 Touchdown
    47:25 Spoilers
    47:26 Reverses
    47:52 Reverses retract
    48:00 OS 767 Winglets
    48:18 Spoilers retract
    48:36 Slats retract
    48:38 TK A321 Sharklets
    48:57 "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Vienna"
    49:12 OS 777
    50:08 KM A320
    50:34 HG A320
    50:50 OS 767 Winglets
    51:10 Cut
    51:22 A3 A320
    51:40 AY E190
    52:12 There is a very long BA A320 in that window…..
    52:18 Vienna Airport Sign
    52:56 Parked
    53:00 Engines shut down
    53:20 Cut
    53:22 BA A320
    53:26 End text

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