British Airways | Airbus A320 | LHR-MAN | New Shorthaul Cabin, featuring:

– Check In
– BA Galleries North lounge
– Cabin Overview
– Taxi
– Take off
– Climb
– Breakfast Service
– Moving Map
– Descent
– Approach
– Landing
– Taxi
– Shutdown

July 2014


  1. GREAT Vid.!! Very surprised to learn how the really very new, stylish, comfy and timely BA,s short-haul A320 cabin looks like. Hope you,ve enjoyed this flight, mate!!!

  2. I have a flight later this year from Gatwick, return to Heathrow, are they both likely to have the new refurbished cabin?

  3. What a great landing, expect no less from a British pilot! From my experience, I think that British and the Japanese are masters of it! Fantastic pilots.

  4. Hey, I am going to Europe on June, and I am flying on a BA A319, and I was hoping if you knew if the have retrofitted most or all their aircraft. Hope you can answer

  5. I agree. The old shorthaul cabin was awful. Dirty, old, broken seats… the new one is by far better!

  6. Looks great and really does not seem like the 30" pitch it is now.. HOPE theres space for the bags of the extra passengers.. esp in Winter in Europe!

  7. BA's short-haul seats were always a mess! Neglected, miss-matched, and just scruffy. I'm happy to see that now the cabin looks a lot simpler, cleaner, and far, far better. I hope they are quick to retrofit, because I want to see them on more European flights.
    Great trip report!

  8. Good to see the great improvement in the economy cabin on BA.
    Now the next step they have to take is to improve the bussiness class on their a319, a320 and a321. Because seriously atm u feel like u r cheated when u compare the bussiness class cabin of some asian airline's of similar aircraft type.

  9. Hi, it's Callum. I know this is not linked with the video but, we are flying with Thomas Cook to Mexico in around a months time, and there is 7 of us. Out of that only Me and my Sister are confident fliers. Do you have any tips for the not so good fliers about what to do to make them a little less nervy, thanks 🙂

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