A full length, full flight video with British Airways from London Heathrow to Manchester onboard Airbus A320 G-EUUU operating flight BA1396 on January 18 2017.

**Every moment of the flight included from terminal to terminal, multi angle for landing at Manchester courtesy of World Aviation HD and ATC for entire flight**




Airline: British Airways
Flight: BA1396 (callsign “Shuttle 2 Papa”)
Aircraft: Airbus A320 G-EUUU
From: London Heathrow (LHR)
To: Manchester (MAN)
Departure: 15:28
Arrival: 15:58
Flight Time: 0:30
Seat: 2F
Flight Path:

Today’s flight begins in the departure lounge at Heathrow’s Terminal 5A. Before long we get an iPhone notification that our flight is ready for boarding, and we walk through to the gate where our aircraft is waiting, Airbus A320 G-EUUU. It’s not long before boarding is announced and we make our way down the airbridge onto the modern A320.

After taking our seat in seat 2F we are given a safety demonstration and cleared to push back from the stand. Fortunately it’s an unusually quiet day at Heathrow today and the taxi to runway 27L takes just a few minutes before we are cleared to take off. We make a powerful buzzsaw departure into a beautiful evening, getting a fantastic view of the entire airport and surrounding area from above as we turn right after departure.

Cruising altitude today is a pretty low 18,000ft, for the short flight over the Midlands towards Manchester. For most of the flight we are only just above the cloud giving an illusion of high speed.

We commence our descent to Manchester overhead Leicester, and make a left turn towards Buxton descending over the Peak District. Once again there are no delays and we head straight for the ILS for runway 23R. We descend on the ILS and are filmed landing by fellow YouTuber World Aviation HD. We then taxi to the gate, and disembark into the terminal walking straight through to the road outside the terminal.


0:00:03 Going through the transfer channel at Heathrow Terminal 5, document check
0:01:10 Walking through departure lounge in Terminal 5A
0:02:28 Boarding called via BA iPhone app, walking to gate A5
0:04:50 Boarding announced and boarding the aircraft, taking our seat in 2F
0:22:30 Welcome announcement from the flight deck
0:26:50 Push and start clearance from ATC
0:31:20 Taxi clearance to runway 27L
0:44:08 Lining up runway 27L, cleared for takeoff
0:54:28 Meal service/Buy on Board
1:09:00 Commencing descent towards Manchester
1:13:43 ILS approach to runway 23R
1:16:09 Landing on runway 23R, filmed from onboard and ground
1:22:06 Disembarking through airbridge into terminal, walking to street


  1. If this is the one you meant it doesnt seem like your going that fast,but you said London to Manchester,this is London Heathrow,all I could find.

  2. parking eveeery Night day.for Lord Lessing my familia..i want ser tthey again.miss a lot.hope. Godó answer my prayer aa weekend one da y Lord gifme time.

  3. I am flying on an aeroplane for my first time next year to Spain. I love watching your videos to help me understand what flying on a plane feels like!

  4. hi noal i have to say its a good video. love the a320 series. i hear ba cityflyer are doing the new routes are opening new routes from manchester airport later in the year. meanwhile we had a very close call over ireland. link below

    . you could hear the tcas giving instructions to the pilots

  5. What was your cruising altitude? Looked to be well short of the FL300-400 typical cruising alt, since your flight was just above the altostratus cloud layer.

  6. Inflight hello I will ask you try want to wish your seat 40J and 45j with 747 , 767 42 J or 42A window by the wings All Record Normal 10 Hours and 15 Hours ok yes accept seat to 42A and 40J and 45 J ok

  7. By the long time the engines took to reach their take off thrust and by the extremely early rotation it really looks like TOGA thrust was used during take off, which is strange for the runway length at Heathrow. Could someone explain me this curiousness?

  8. Excellent video as always, love watching the full length videos.
    Love the multi angle view on landing, really great to watch.

    Keep them coming !

  9. انا مليت من الA310 ليش متحط طيارات كبيرة مثل A330 – A340 – A380 – Boing 737 – 787 – 747

  10. one question why do you take seets on first rows I like to take seets on near the wing because sound is better on a 320 at the wing hope you will make that change thanks

  11. boarding notification through I phone! so national airlines are able to cope up with private airlines good to see what do you think?

  12. guys I gest wached a video on a320 neo and can you see the difference pleas and tell me videolink Indigo Airbus A320neo (A320-271N) takeoff from Delhi runway 9 …good video keep it up

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