We invited an A320 instructor at BAA Training to fly the B737 CL aircraft. It was his very first time in particularly this full flight simulator type. Do not be strict…
Obviously without help flight would not have succeeded. This video proves that every type rating course is unique and very important.

BAA Training headquarters is in Lithuania and counts more than 20 years of experience in aviation training, while its heritage reaches 1938 – the establishment of the Lithuanian airlines training department. In addition to training base in headquters it is able to offer training solutions in various Europe, CIS and Asia locations.

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  1. I don't even have my PPL yet and I've flown a full motion 737 sim with no issues, perfect take off and landing. I would be surprised if a commercial a320 pilot couldn't land a 737.

  2. It's funny to see, that he sometimes not know, what to do with his right hand, because of the Joystick on the left side in the A320.

  3. "You'll tell me when we're 10 miles out, yeah?"
    "You'll tell me when we're 10 miles out, yeah?"
    "You'll tell me when we're 10 miles out, yeah?"
    "How far are we?"
    "7 and a half miles"

    YOU HAD ONE JOB MAN hahaha

  4. Any pilot can fly conventional aircraft, even Airbus pilots. But it takes a bit of practice for conventional pilots to fly FBW aircraft

  5. Is this really a question? Just because if it is, I'll think twice before I set foot on an airliner again… I don't like the thought of "semi-skilled workers" in the cockpit. I prefer flight enthusiasts, like myself who dig into every kind of aircraft and enjoy learning everything possible. Hell, he even has to know how to land a space shuttle at least in theory….

  6. A lot of comments knocking A320 but if you'll recall one landed safely in the hudson river next to manhattan and I don't believe it was on auto pilot

  7. Kinda unfair because the b737 sim is ancient while the a320 pilot is used to a more modern aircraft technology. They should have used a b738 sim instead.

  8. The reason I love Boeing is that they do not make Euro video games that fly! You have to be a real pilot to fly Boeing and really that is all there is to it.

  9. The b737ng is as automatic as the a320 almost but he flow the B737 classic thats not really automatic and at that time the a320
    dindt exist

  10. What are those black "wheels" with 1 white stripe on each? Why do they spin seemingly uncontrollably? that's DANGEROUS!!! if you'd grab a "wheel" when spinning you'd maybe get a severed hand in the nose gear compartment…

  11. … the things you dnt want to hear from the cockpit
    1. oooops….. sorry
    2. this is very weird… very weird…
    3. what does this button do?
    4. what was that sound?
    5. oh yes, the landing gears….
    6. where is my altemeter?
    7. woah… this is so different from flight school.
    8. … where are we?
    9. zzzzzZZZZZZZzzzz…..
    10. ALLAHU AKHBAR!!!!

  12. Thing is… the 737 NG isn't that much better 😀 Except for the LCD screens it feels like flying something from the 70's 😉

  13. Looks like they are using the MCP Mach/ Speed. Also 30 Flaps? That's a lot of flaps, must be a short Runway or he has a lot of weight.

  14. I have no idea how to fly. What are those things spinning on the side of the center console by thier knees?

  15. There are very few accidents with Airbus the majority are with Boing so I do not care who drives a computer or a human …… I prefer the least accidents have …. so Airbus is better by far

  16. It's just so bizarre seeing a pilot ask these questions! I know it's a completely different plane but god, wow.

  17. Just commenting to my youngest as we drove to EGGP to pick up my eldest. Do you know, its over 35 years since i learned to fly here….I hope to god that these two get up in a small twin or better still single vintage 70,s or 80,s GA airplane and un plug themselves from the computers and learn to fly safely again. What a landing!

  18. What are those black wheels with a white dot that spins intermediary?

    Also, this simulator is from a classic 737 (-300/-400/-500) or from a NXT GEN 737 (-900/-700/-800/-900)??

  19. Well, I guess being in a 737 Classic cockpit, the cockpit layout is gonna be quite a bit different from an A320.

  20. "Do you actually set the thrust manually?" – yeah airbus babysitter, you have to actually be a 'pilot' and fly. Can a Boeing pilot land an airbus? If the computer doesn't fly him into a forest or drop him into the South Atlantic first then yeah, he can watch the computer land it as well as anyone else

  21. You might need to consult the FCOM on reconfiguring the bleeds after a no engine bleed takeoff… the poor APU 🙁

  22. I'm not a pilot, but more of a airliner enthusiast that's been logging a lot of hours in FSX. Is it just me, or is Boeing aircraft a lot more conservative in their design than Airbus aircraft? I'm working as a first officer on ships, and that's definitely the case with ships. European ships are much more modern and sophisticated than American.

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