Let’s fly with Cebu Pacific on 5J 930 from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Manila’s NAIA Terminal 3. Departure was made last March 23, 2015. I’m supposed to fly PAL’s Mabuhay Class on the same day using 777, but PAL accidentally cancels my reservation and they apologized with refunding it with no penalties. Thanks to Cebu Pacific because the fare is still cheaper compare to other airlines and they still have available seats.



  1. Ive been watching your channel since 2014 to be exact and have flown a lot of times and I always watch your videos before another flight. Well here I am Im gonna fly to Manila in 2 days. Keep up the vids Owen! πŸ˜€

  2. this airline, being my first employer helped me in learning all about airplanes. i miss those days rain or shine when I'm assigned on terminal 3 airside to monitor all cargoes on international flights and also I was able to bring my family for free to Singapore. thanks to its travel benefits entitiled to me and my family. enjoy your upcoming flights with Cebu Pacific.

  3. Pal's Boeing 747 aka as the Queen Of The Sky is resting and I think the cebu Pacific's games are only for flights in the daylight because I flew from Cebu to manila at night and no games

  4. +Owen NolascoΒ Hi Owen, very nice and informative report. Glad to see Cebu Pacific delivering good service, even for LCC standards. I noticed the meal comes without any side dishes like starter, dessert? So it's only the meal and nothing else? The onboard game thing is also rather peculiar, but indeed a good way to keep pax entertained I guess since the cabin doesn't feature any other IFE? Thanks again, TFS

  5. Love your videos but one small suggestion slow down the text esp long written text it gone by the time read the first line but other than that good work on the editing

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