Well.. we dont know what year did Cebu Pacific purchased their Airbus A320. But we do know that they do have always a very low fare rates promo.


  1. I don't think so how CEBU PACIFIC got the 4th slot hehehehe the service not good at all, and every time you book online at cebu pacific a lot of hidden charges will be added to your fare….example. manila to kalibo Php 999.00 one way but the end of the booking you make it will cost the total amount of Php 1,738.48 in this amount insurance is included but in this price only hand carry baggage are allowed the 15 kilos baggage is NOT FREE OF CHARGE…this airline is not a budget airline anymore

  2. @Tu144SST hehe. true. pero yung parts nun eh US and Europe galing. the design is Russian. so parang melting pot of the world ang MA60. 😀

  3. I agree with you on how Cebu Pacific handled the disabled passengers. If that happened in the U.S., the airline will face multiple class action law suits and government fines.

  4. I talked to the counter rep in Seattle but they have attitudes and keep telling me to talk to someone when I arrive in Tokyo. I told them I cant stay in a hotel for a day because I have a flight to catch for Boracay. I was trying them to rebook me to another airline to make it on time to Manila. Korean Air or Eva air maybe. But it was worked out in Tokyo. When we took off from Seattle, Tokyo already arranged our connecting flights so we can get to our destinations on time. I am impressed.

  5. I work as a commercial aircraft designer for a big aerospace company. Of course I want to fly on a safe aircraft. I was trying to point out their method: Waiting for another aircraft to come in so they can remove the part and put it into ours. I was surprised by that. They said if this don't work, they will replace our aircraft with another one. The replacement aircraft was already in the tarmac, but they still chose to wait for the aircraft coming in from Amsterdam for the replacement part.

  6. I flew on Delta last December 2009 to Manila from Seattle. It was delayed 4 hours because of PA system broken on the A330-200 aircraft. They first told us that they are waiting for another aircraft to arrive and they will remove the part from that aircraft and put it into ours. If that does not work, they will replace our aircraft with another one. They finally decided to replace our aircraft after 4 hours. Missing my connecting flight from Tokyo-Nagoya-Manila.

  7. It is more like this:
    A318/19/20/21 – 737-600/700/800/900/900ER, 757-200
    A300, A310, A330-200/300 – 757-300, 767-300ER/400ER
    A340-300 – 777-200ER
    A340-500 – 777-200LR
    A340-600 – 747-400/777-300ER
    A380 – 747-8 (not competing for pax capacity but economics)

  8. The A300 seats 300 pax. So it competes directly with the 767-300ER. The A321 (a stretch version of the A320) competes with the pax capacity of the 757-200 but not range and transatlantic capability. When Boeing launched the 737-900ER, they found that it can serve the 757 market and therefore discontinue the 757. The A330 was designed to fill the gaps between the 767 and 777.

  9. Just go to both companies websites. You expect to believe what people here are saying? Do some research, in this way, you will avoid biased opinions from know-all pretenders. Specifications are available so you can compare and decide for yourself which is better.

  10. Oops I forgot about the A300 the closest thing to match the 757. But as of 2009 both the A300 and 757 are now out of production. So:



  11. You cannot match the 757 with A320s "it is irrelevant." Because the only thing that can match the A320 is 737.

    757 currently doesn't have any competition. Matches are the following:


  12. Actually ung PAL gumagamit na ng Airbus A330 and A340 sa Davao, Zamboanga, Gen San, and ofcourse Cebu.

    Ang mga bagong Airports like ang Bacolod-Silay and Iloilo-Santa Barbara can also handle Airbus A330s but ang question is about ang Passenger yields. Kasi ung mga cities above are gateways to either Malaysia, Singapore, East Timor, and Indonesia.

  13. A330-300 has much more capacity than the A330-200 type. But it sacrificed seating capacity and cargo capacity for range. Which the A330-200 is much more capable of long-range flights than the A330-300 version.

  14. By Golly ure right….But, Panalo pa rin ang Airbus sa pax capacity. Eto un

    -Boeing 737-900 matches A321-200
    -Boeing 737-800 matches Airbus A320
    -Boeing 737-700 matches Airbus A319 and A318

    Here's the Capacity 2 Class:

    B737-9(166) A321(210)
    B737-8(142) A320(150+)
    B737-7(106) A319(124)A318(108)

    If you don't know the A318 its the much more smaller A320 type aircraft.

  15. PAL has several A320-214s and A319-100 in its fleet inventory. The fact is ung Airbus A330-300's range was drastically reduced because of its seating capacity is bigger than the 200 version.

    And I think lang ha, Ang Flight computers ng A330 is questionable now because of the Air France 447 incident in which 228 people lost there lives.

  16. Actually that's in 2 Classes onetruejuan. 737-900 can accomodate 166 in two-class.

    A320 and A321 has a larger capacity with 180 and correction pla sa numbers ng A321 its 210 pla. In 2 Class Configuration.

  17. Negatory on that pal……A320 is much more reliable. 737 is in the "Retiring stages" na. See the recap episode ng Air Crash Investigation, may sakit ang 737 eh ung PCU unit nya sa rudder, pwede sya kasing mag freeze at mag jam causing the aircraft to be uncontrollable.

    Although yung next generation 737 they're not that expensive. They have the same price as the A320

  18. Actually Philippine Airlines has completed 6 Orders of Boeing 777-300ER and another 2 Lease orders. They are expected to be used during September or November this year.

    It is expected to be used for Pacific Crossings to the US and the chance that they might re-open routes to Europe using the 777. Gusto rin nila sana mag expand sa New York, but because of the FAA downgrade to category 2, it is highly unlikely.

  19. Actually to be honest, I requested Cebu Pacific for an A330-200 for their Trans-Asia Routes, but they replied to me to wait if they will put it into their "yes" list, then I never heard from them anymore. I never knew that they were offering it Australia and Middle-East Routes in an A330 series 300. How sad, Anyways I saw the A330-300 When I landed back on Mactan-Cebu Int'l Airport. I was really shocked! I'm telling you the truth! I think its a technical route proving…

  20. As for the 737 Its a cool plane but its now an aging Bird. In one episode of Air Crash Investigation ung Recap episodes nila. The 737 is now considered as in the retiring stages na sya because of numerous accidents in the past 10 years. Ang Airbus A320 mas reliable pa daw because ung mga safety features nila advanced pa than the 737. Its not the looks tol, its about safety and comfort.

  21. I think Embraer is a good plane as well. Sana yan na lang ginamit ng CEB for its Feeder routes to Cebu than its ATR-72. Kasi ung JetBLUE sa America Airbus A320 saka Embraer ERJ190 gamit nila eh..

  22. Not possible, 737-900 planes only have a maximum of 166 Seats (In 2-Class Configuration) compared to Airbus A320 and A321s which can accomodate 180 and 260 Passengers

  23. Runway overruns are common, that's why its now obligated that all major airports will have extend there original runways for another 500m and 200m stopping way.

  24. I pretty much agree. Due to the marketing success of the Airbus A320 family of Cebu Pacific and Zest Air they were able to buy more planes as well.

    And short news lang, the remaining 20 orders of Airbus A320-212 ng CEB will be replaced instead of 10 Airbus A330-300 aircraft for MidEast, and Australasia Routes.

  25. Boeing

    -Good in Marketing
    -Cheap in terms of Aircraft and Maintenance


    -Not so good with marketing though,
    -Safer more efficient planes compared to Boeing
    -Seating is far more good than Boeing. Example 166 Seats for Boeing 737-900 counter it with the Airbus A320 and A321 which is 180 and 260 Seats

  26. The Airbus A320 is an economical aircraft, its break even percentage is 10% less than the nearest competitor. Kaya nga yung Cebu Pacific pag bili ng A320 Family umasenso at mura pa yung pamasahe kase mura rin ang maintainance at feul efficient din ang A320. Yung Zest Air nga(Asian Spirit) unti-unting uma-asenso dahil sa A320(leased from JetBlue) at dahil sa maraming profits na natangap nila bumili pa ng MA60 with incredibly low air fare reates! The same goes with Ceb na bumili rin ng ATR72-500

  27. i think the reason why they choose A320's over 737-800's is simply because they're far more safer. though agree ako sa inyo na masyado nang marami ang A320's dito sa pinas kaya sana naman yung air philippines bumili na lang sila ng 737 next-gen at huwag naman mga 2nd-hand.

  28. kung may balak na bumili yung PAL, CEB, Airphil ng 737 sana kunin na nila new version ng 737-900, kung gusto nila yun ipangtapat sa Airbus…

  29. The A380 is highly efficient and environmental friendly. Three liters per passenger per kilometer, so maximum of the plane is 555 so 3 X 555 + the kilometers traveled = to less fuel consumption. The A380 and is 5X wider than the closest competitor, can coupe so many passengers in such distances with so less environmental impact, thanks to Airbus program ECO-EFFICIENCY, anyways Airbus(all aircrafts) contributed 2% CO2 to the world

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