Film celebrating the production of the 5000th Airbus A320.

Airbus' A320 Family A320, A320, A320 and A321 jetliners – is the world's most successful single-aisle product line, with more than 8,000 aircraft ordered by over 330 customers around the globe as of January 2012. This imaginative Video clip asmorates production of Airbus' 5,000th A320 Family jetliner – which was delivered on 20 January 2012 to Middle East Airlines.

The child: Alphonce Burbail
The Adult: Thomas Lafitte
Director: frédéric duvin
Production Manager: Christophe Castello
Production manager: Emmanuelle Pouzet
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director: Pascal Couleau
Picture: Christophe Palis
Operator 5D: Benjamin Ziegler
Chief electrician: Philippe Lupiac
Chief machinist: Pierre Galy
Decor and accessories: Laurent Foulquier and Pierre-Adrien Lecerf
Make-up: Claire Walkowiak
Stylist: Kim nguyen
Board: Philippe "Billy" Ferhane
Editing: Adeline Leguellaud
Calibration: Neels Castillon
Mixing: David Vincent

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