Step inside the cockpit of this A320 and enjoy the gorgeous view as we approach and land into Athens Venizelos airport during sunrise with a a pilot’s view of the landing! ➤Subscribe for more similar videos:

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My name is Demetris Gregoriou and I am 18 year old aspiring private pilot from Cyprus. Since I was young, I was always fascinated by aviation and my goal with this channel is to share with you my passion for absolutely free. I always try my utmost in providing the world with every possible kind of aviation videos. Please show me your support by commenting and liking and/or sharing my videos and subscribing to my channel!

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  1. Hi there, im going on a flight in 2 weeks and I was wondering how did you get into the flightdeck? I would love to do the same thing ang get some footage

  2. Also love this POV. Kind of creepy quiet in the cockpit however … I thought calling out audibles on both speed and altitude is an industry standard protocol … did you just have a fight with your flight mate or something ? Haha …

  3. TheGreatFlyer, please, make some videos of for example home cockpit IVAO flights or even cessna or a glider! Hello from Russia =) Ты афигенный

  4. Just out of curiosity, when does the auto-pilot disengage? A few feet before landing? whenever that is, is it standardized across all planes/flights?

  5. If this is not too personal, what airline do you Fly. Or did you get special footage? Sorry, I'm quite a nooby lol, okay thanks!

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