A pilot’s eye view of the US Airways Airbus A320 crash landing on the Hudson river in New York


  1. Ethiopian case is something completly different in 767 wshen you slow down ram turbine cant produce electricity and you lose hydraulic pressure so you can't controle airplane anymore in this case airplane stayed as it were after losing hyd. pressure

  2. Sorry it says cockpit view but most of this video is outside the plane. Not saying it's bad just it says cockpit view. Good vid though. Liked

  3. I recognise the name Eric Moody

    He was the Captain for British Airways flight BA009 that emergency landed in Jakarta

  4. No, but from the title you might assume there was a "cockpit cam" like the police use in their cruisers. Video title should have the word "simulation" in it.

  5. 74 tries so far in the Microsoft FSX recreation mission at high realism settings, and the only way I can get to his touchdown point is by climbing an extra 1000 ft out of takeoff. If I start at his exact speed and altitude of the birdstrike, i'm either slamming into land or the George Washington bridge. I've even tried half-speed or pausing the sim several times in it to calculate my next move. Still can't do it. These attempts have given me an incredibly deep level of respect for this guy.

  6. Yup, knew all that. I'm a flight simmer (kind of a newbie), but always evolving! At the time of the comment I didn't know that the flight computers of the Airbus would prevent the airplane from stalling. And I did see the Mayday episode of this crash with the APU and all that stuff and the Canada geese as well, lol. But thanks for the comment anyway, dude!

  7. According to NatGeo, one of the lifesaving moves that Sully made on the accident flight was starting the APU, or auxiliary power unit, a small jet engine in the rear of the plane that provides some power to the aircraft's electrical systems. This kept the computer running, which meant that the airplane was able to prevent itself from stalling. He also requested flaps. This allowed the aircraft to glide at a lower speed, decreasing the potential damage from the impact.

  8. well, better late than never, but i think he did the touchdown at about 125 knots, something like that… if he was going any slower, the plane would have just simply stalled and fallen to the river uncontrolled.

  9. True, but the underbelly of a plane can take an impact and if you have rear of the plane hitting it just before the front, you can ensure a safe landing than just nsoediving.

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