Hello everyone and welcome back to this week’s video!

This is something truly special! We had the awesome opportunity to be in the cockpit on this Airbus A320 while flying from Copenhagen to Amsterdam with Scandinavian Airlines.
In this video you will watch every step of this flight from the pushback to the climb out of Copenhagen. We have done our outmost to achieve the best result as possible. We hope that you enjoy!

Stay tuned for more exciting videos!

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  1. Very nice and crisp video! Just curious, did the crew mention anything about filming? When I jumpseated last time with an SAS A320 I was strictly not allowed to upload it (due to company rules with videos/pictures in the flight deck) :/ Not meaning to throw anyhting bad at your video, not at all. If they didn't mention anything, it's their responsibility. Perhaps I should contact SAS and ask for approval to upload some of my own footage 😀

  2. Helt fantastisk klippet sammen. Super professionelt! Hvordan fik i muligheden for dette? Stort like fra mig =)

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