Pascal de Izaguirre, CEO of Corsair International and Augustin de Romanet, chairman of the ADP Team, inaugurated the new Corsair Servicing Hangar in Orly Sud on Friday 29th September. “We are pretty pleased to combine this HN7 hangar which consists of two aisles of seven,000 m2 and an workplace spot of ​​500 m2,” reported Pascal de Izaguirre.

“The lease is concluded for a interval of 6 years, with a achievable extension for a even more four years,” explains Gille Hodouin, head of Orly&#39s home division for the ADP group. “The nave will be completely occupied by Corsair, and the southern nave will be occupied much more once in a while at initial and then long term with the renewal of the fleet of the enterprise,” he proceeds. “We give overall flexibility to Corsair with a mounted price tag for one particular of the two naves and variable for the other.”

The hangar, dating back again to 1970, was formerly occupied by Air France Industries, which ensured the servicing of Corsair. “Air France Industries utilized to occupy the HN8 and HN7 hangars, and the leases have expired and AFI has retreated to the HN3,” explains Jean-Luc Moine, Corsair International&#39s complex director.

To cushion fees, Corsair will sublet the hangar to other airlines. “The south nave will enable us to welcome the overflow of Air France Industries, which will discover itself a minimal constrained,” suggests Jean-Luc Moine. “In early October, the nave will welcome an Airbus A320 from Air France that will be reconfigured as part of the start of Joon,” he proceeds. “We are in a distinct industrial sector from the industrial facet of the competitors involving the airlines, but for us it will be a lot much more at ease. and now we are likely to be solicited for other operators to reward from our services and products and services, “concludes Jean-Luc Moine.

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