We are very lucky in Jacksonville to have a Cirrus Certified Training Center, Jacksonville Flight Training, owned by Kacper Gradzki, CFII and Cirrus Certified Training Instructor. Kacper has both a new Cirrus SR22 and two year old Cirrus SR20 for rent and for instruction. These are top of the line Cirrus with all the bells and whistles, air-conditioning, of course, and the Perspective glass cockpit system.

I had not flown the SR20 for over two years, but got to take it up today for currency training with Kacper. He had me fly north from Jacksonville Executive Airport (Craig Field, KCRG) up to Jekyll Island, Georgia. We did the VOR approach to Jekyll (09J) using the autopilot, then a missed approach from 500 feet over the airfield.

As we climbed out to 2000 feet, Kacper told me he was going to pull the power back to idle and have me try to do a dead stick landing. At this point the airport was out of my sight, behind me and to my right. The best glide speed in the Cirrus SR20 is 98 knots, 112 mph. I set it up for that speed and started back to the airport. The gods of fortune were with me. We managed to make it back on the runway in one piece.

From power off to wheels touch down was 2 minutes 54 seconds from 2000 feet AGL to sea level landing. Captain Chesley B, “Sully” Sullenberger famously flew a total dead stick Airbus A320 from a birdstrike at 2818 feet AGL for another 3 minutes 49 seconds until he touched down in the Hudson, saving all on board.

The aircraft I flew in this video was N585TC. William Mallory Kent, pilot, Kacper Gradzki, CFII. November 1, 2015, All Souls Day.

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