Discover the flight report of China Eastern Airlines MU205 from Shanghai Pudong International Airport PVG to Chiang Mai International Airport CNX with Airbus A320.


  1. Thanks for watching(When my cousin went the china, He used the this China eastern.And When my family went the Paris,They used the lufthanja airline)

  2. thanks for report. i booked ticket Bangkok to Moscow on Feb 2017 already. i always see bad comment. i hope i see good flight

  3. do not fly china eastern. very poor airline. they do not care about passengers. every flight I take, there is always something wrong inside the cabin. dirty toilets. poor foods. the smallest seats in the world. exit aisles are much smaller than any safety regulations in other countries: impossible for emergency exit. they do not comply with IATA position papers. they do not follow FAA regulations for maintenance or safety. passengers are taking risks.

  4. Customs in Pudong is very bad. Low quality service. Free wifi but u need to register for use in 30 mins per passport. I also dislike MU because they're always use bus with small aircraft at Pudong and serve a lot of snack not meals and if have meals it's till not good.

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