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A beautiful early morning flight from Gatwick down to Kefalonia. Flight was due to depart at 06:20 and left the stand pretty much on time. My first time flying from Gatwick’s North Terminal since my trip to Barbados in December. Great morning light to be taking off into, a bit of condensation on the windows soon cleared when we started the take off roll. Really nice mist affects visible. The “26” end of the runway was clear and sunny, but down the “08” end lots of morning mist and fog lingering over the fields and threshold caused for some quite dramatic scenes during the upwind. A big right hand turn all the way around to take down towards Dover and the South East before crossing the channel into Belgium, Germany, Austria, great views over the Alps and Innsbruck, Italy and down the Adriatic with some beautiful views of the Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast. Before beginning our descent down and around Kefalonia to land on the North West facing runway 32 which allowed for some great views around the island as we flew around the airport.

Aircraft: Airbus A320-214
Reg.: G-EZWY
Seat: 5A
Engine Type: CMF56-B4/3
Date: Friday 28th August 2015
Flight Number: EZY8385
Departure Time: 06:20
Arrival Time: 11:40 (+2 hours UK time)
Flight Duration: 3 hours 20mins
Cruising Alt: FL350, 35,000ft
Departure Runway: RWY26L
Arrival Runway: RWY32
Route: LGW-EFL

A nice smooth flight with EasyJet arrived ahead of scheduled and had the row to ourselves. Out of only 6 empty seats on the flight we had 4 of them around us. So no complaints at all.

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  1. please someone subscribe for me i got just zero subscribe please can someone subscribe to me so i can subscribe back to you

  2. Easy Jet LOL. Very bad reputation. Did the plane ever actually take flight? Was it a woman driver LOL .I lost interest after about 10 mins. Maybe employ "Pilots" with about 50 degrees earned in a couple of months in some college. What's that horrible buzzing noise? Wouldn't like that all the way on a flight. Cheap aircraft made in China?

  3. I like it when the captain gives details of direction, where we fly over etc etc. Some are a bit vague but this chap gave some good detail!

  4. Great videos of your flights to Kefalonia. I've been going with my family for years, I think about five times now, maybe more. Absolutely adore the place, we always go in July and the weather is sublime every time. Me and my girlfriend (both 18) are flying there in July this year, can't wait. I'm a nervous flyer and always get nervous before and during the flights but this time I feel fine, the flights are always great and the destination is to die for. Glad to see you're a regular there too! 🙂

  5. Superb!! Can watch this vid over and over again. Love The sun hits The plain when rising! Awsome man!!

  6. men your so lucky that you get to be on the new easyjet seats i wish i was on that plane but i was on the A319

  7. As usual, great video !
    just a question : when you shot the ferry (at 32'), were you still at FL350 ? the view is really stunning.

  8. Full flight?! Really? You must be joking…don't say it's a full flight when it's not just for views. You'll just get dislikes instead.

  9. Timestamps of interest:
    0:00 Intro Text
    2:46 Pushback
    6:07 Slats extend
    6:35 Start Taxiing
    8:32 Filthy window
    10:08 Holding short of runway
    10:50 Thompson 737 with split-scimitar winglets taking off
    11:08 BA 777 Landing
    12:00 Takeoff
    12:20 Water going down the window
    12:40 Rotate
    14:45 Slats retract
    15:03 Announcement you can't hear over the engine
    17:58 Emirates A380
    19:44 Cut
    21:27 Cut
    22:55 Cut
    23:00 FL350
    23:32 Cut
    24:50 Close-up of mountains
    26:44 Cut
    26:48 Beach
    27:50 Cut
    28:30 Cut
    29:22 Cut
    29:30 Turkish 737
    29:42 Cut
    30:15 Cut
    30:20 Another announcement that is too quiet
    31:31 Cut
    31:55 Boat
    32:21 Top of descent
    33:11 Cut
    33:20 Announcement I can hear
    33:55 Cut
    34:09 Kefalonia airport
    34:58 Cut
    35:42 Air break
    35:58 Mildly exploding baby
    37:52 Cut
    37:55 Air break
    37:59 Air break retracted
    38:39 Cut
    38:40 Slats extended
    40:20 Cut
    40:57 Turning Finals
    41:23 Slats extended some more
    41:52 Autopilot disconnect alert (pointed out by Adam Ashcroft)
    44:00 Land Ahoy
    44:25 Engines Idle
    44:29 Touchdown
    44:30 Spoilers and reversers
    44:42 Reversers retracted
    45:00 Spoilers retraced
    45:10 U-turn
    45:20 Announcement
    46:43 Arke 737 with split-scimitar winglets
    47:10 Vacated Runway
    47:20 Slats retracted
    47:54 Marshall
    48:04 Stair truck
    48:19 Parked
    48:47 Cut
    49:00 Walking down stairs
    49:04 Cut
    49:17 Cut
    49:19 Sign
    49:23 End text

  10. A very enjoyable flight Matt, great scenery all the way, I Just entered Kefalonia in search and found dozens of pictures, it looks a very nice island. Thanks

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