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On-board another Easyjet flight, this being on my first aircraft with Sharklets for an early morning run down to Palma Mallorca, Majorca. A rather empty flight, lots of empty seats! Due to it being October, end of season nearing so not many people heading to Spain because of the unpredictable weather this time of year, however flights back towards the UK were packed! Bringing everyone back for the winter, many of which had been working there through the summer. I was unable to film the boarding because of a very snappy rude member of crew who insisted I deleted the footage before she let me board the aircraft. So I wasn’t impressed by her. But other than that a very nice flight, lots of space in the new aircraft, on time departure and beautiful sunrise once above the early morning rain clouds in Luton.

Aircraft: Airbus A320-214
Reg.: G-EZWM
Seat: 5A & 5F
Engine Type: CMF56-B4/3
Date: Tuesday 7th October 2014
Flight Number: EZY2271
Departure Time: 06:00
Arrival Time: 09:25 (actual 09:05)
Flight Duration: 1 hour 55mins (approx.)
Cruising Alt: FL390, 39,000ft
Departure Runway: RWY26
Arrival Runway: RWY24L
Route: LTN-PMI

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  1. If you listen closely at 39:05 you can hear the Master warning from the flight deck, I assume it was the autopilot disengage? Sorry if it's already been mentioned! hahaha

  2. Wow the plane was very empty! It looks like a private plane. Ooo and by the way. I saw a lot of air Berlin there on your arrival,

  3. Arrived home from Majorca 2 weeks ago. Must say when I arrived in Majorca I've never seen as much air berlins in my life! Germans must love Majorca! Great video once again and superb landing! Keep up the great work 🙂

  4. Great Vid Matt as always 🙂 If I was you I would have pretended to delete it. Also there was no need for her to treat you like that as the saying goes 'If you can't stand the heat get out the kitchen'. 

  5. shame you cant ask the pilots once you landed for a copy of the route so flight simmers could reenact the flight 😉

    Yet again another brilliant video

    how the hell do you get the time to film all these flights ? 

  6. I wonder how much Ebola scare is and or will be affecting bookings to places where there are known cases. I would not be surprised if intensive care nurses are or are due to lose the enthusiastic attention of 'intimate' friends in some places.

  7. I think October is pretty ambient in Spain, not too hot. What about few going but loads coming back because of Ebola scare?
    Did you forget your thermometer and your paranoia specs. ?

  8. Easyjet staff should know that you always do your best to showcase them in the most positive light; naughty person!
    My thumbs are so up they are a hazard to aircraft in flight. Thanks.

  9. That FA had no reason for you to delete that boarding clip! I don't even think there is rules for not filming boarding? If you filmed her i guess she could say it, but i don't think you did? The sharklets really give Airbus a fresh new look, i really like it! Beautiful landing! Very smooth, i diddn't even noticed you landed before the spoilers showed! Well done! Great video! 🙂

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