2nd EasyJet flight of the year and once again we’re on a Sharky, G-EZWK for the outbound leg of my AMS Trip yesterday, you join me as I walk out to the aircraft and get onboard. We get our welcome message from the captain and our cabin manager who happened to be related to my mum! We then push back from stand 2 but hold our position while we wait for start clearance, arrival delays into AMS meant we eventually departed 20 minutes behind schedule. 27 takeoff with a right hand turn out, spectacular sunrise the entire way, brief cruise at FL330 before beginning a spectacular sunny approach and landing on Runway 18R And even with the delay and long taxi we arrived ahead of schedule!

Once again a great short flight with EasyJet, nothing to complain about, loving the new cabin as with my previous flight on G-EZOL, would highly recommend EZY to anyone!

AIRCRAFT: Airbus A320-214SL
AGE: 3.8 Years
FLIGHT: U27001

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  1. good video but you could have least told us what the name of the airport was that you zoomed in on and also the coastline  you passed over (the English coastline I referred to)as that way we would know where about in the flight you was at

  2. How was the flight, I reckon it was quite good as EZY are improving on customer service! Great video Matt! Liked for sure

  3. Great video. I am flying to Amsterdam in July 26th Cork-Amsterdam with Aer Lingus and then Amsterdam-Bucharest with KLM so I am so looking forward to my trip! Big like from me

  4. Lovely flight video Matthew. Didh't take you long to get this one out, haha. Roll on Summer, I need to return to Amsterdam for spotting.

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